Montenegro puts Russia in green zone; Ukraine outraged

The authorities of Montenegro believes that such a decision might attract the Russian tourists for early recovery of the tourism industry

Montenegro included Russia on the list of the green zone countries as RTCG reported.

The authorities of Montenegro believe that such a decision might attract Russian tourists for the early recovery of the tourism industry.

“It will create the precondition for the creation of particular tourist traffic in August and September. We all know that the height of the season is the period of time when mostly the guests from Russia arrive,” Director of the National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro Željka Radak-Kukavičić said.

Besides, the citizens of Azerbaijan will be able to enter the country without some extra conditions.

However, Consul of Ukraine’s Embassy in Montenegro Mykhailo Shmatov expressed outrage.

“I am outraged that Russia was immediately put in the green zone. Without any terms! I remind that Ukraine that provides Montenegro with a great number of tourists since the beginning of the summer, having 13-14 flights in a week, is restricted in the rights,” Shmatov said.

He reminded that the Ukrainian citizens are still banned from traveling by car and the entrance to the country by plane is allowed only as members of the tourist group.

As we reported, the Montenegrin government banned the entrance for Ukrainian tourists who travel by land. The border crossing procedure is possible by air. The restrictions also consider Belarusian citizens.

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    • Another benefit to hide the real numbers dead from the China virus. How many in Montenegro will die because of this greedy decision? Meanwhile, it is very likely Moskovia has 4X the death rate of Ukraine. I would suggest all the hotels in Montenegro nail everything down if the Moskali are coming.

      • Ukraine should not be whining about this decision. Let Montenegro find out the hard way, but it does piss you off when Ukraine are slapped in the face, yet again.

      • Your figures are way out. Ukraine has 1764 confirmed deaths, Muscovy over 14,000, but who knows the real figure in mafia land.

        • Understood. I was talking about deathrate because Moskovia is like 4X bigger too so the number of deaths would be around 16 to 1 if they reported everything AND if it was assumed the hospital systems are similar which I doubt.

  1. Green zone for little green men? Stupid Fucks. Didn’t putinazis only recently try to initiate a coup in Cherno Goriya?

    • Yeah, Russia tried to stage a coup in 2016 to stop Montenegro joining NATO. These people have shit for brains, can be no other explanation.

      • I never tire of saying that Nato is not fit for purpose. It is crawling with putlerite regimes that will never in a million years fight Russia. And as I always say: a new military/trade/intel alliance consisting of the Five Eyes, Poland, Pribaltika, Georgia, plus any other country willing to sign up to fight Russia on all fronts : agitprop, intel, economic and hot war if necessary, is needed right now.

  2. Montenegro? Is this where all the negros live on mountains?
    Jokes aside…
    “In December 2015, the spokesman for Russian president Vlad Pootin said that Montenegro’s accession to NATO was bound to result in ‘retaliatory actions'”. Is the “retaliatory measure” Ruskie vacationers? Be careful what you wish for, Montenegronians. Ukraine knows…
    Having said that, Montenegro is far too unimportant to even waste one bit of breath over this measure.

    • It’s one of a whole bunch of piss-ass countries that got prioritised over Ukraine and Georgia: Albania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovenia, Czechia, Slovakia,

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