In different cities of Belarus, rallies of two presidential candidates were canceled on the same day. Reason – urgent repairs

In three cities of Belarus, on August 4, several authorized pre-election rallies of presidential candidates Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and Andrei Dmitriev were canceled. It is reported by

Tikhanovskaya was to meet with voters in Slutsk and Soligorsk. In both cities, the authorities suddenly made repairs to the places allocated for the rallies. Meetings with voters were canceled at the last moment. The people who came to them were detained. According  to the Belarusian human rights center Viasna, 17 people were detained in Slutsk, at least five in Soligorsk.

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Okay, so the rally places for the opposition candidates were suddenly “in need of some repairs” and thus closed.
    Here, some rhetorical questions:
    Who really believes that?
    Why do most obvious dick-tatorships attempt to parade as democracies?
    Why do they even go through the time and effort to hold “elections”?
    Don’t they realize that it is NO secret that they are seen as dick-tators?
    Why not just admit being what you are … a dick-tator?
    Why not have a dick-tator pride parade? All the dick-tators could march together with rainbow-colored banners, hold hands to show unity, even dare to swap spit in public and maybe even more. Pootin, Luka, Kim, Xi, Ass-ad, Marduro, nine-tenths of African countries’ dick-tators, Erdogoon et al and all their ass givers could march together down Moscow’s main avenue, for instance, covered with flowers and lined with crowds of enthusiastic dick-tator lovers, waving their colorful little banners. Then they could have a love-in in which all the dick-tators stand in a row, pants down, bent over and their faithful followers can kissy-kiss their behinds.
    Free yourselves! Admit to the world and to yourself … YES, I AM A DICK-TATOR AND I AM PROUD OF IT! SO WHAT?
    Forgive my little spiel. I was a bit bored for a brief moment of reading once again about a sham democracy.

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