From the FB page of Brian Whitmore

It is with very deep and profound sadness that I announce that the July 31, 2020 episode of The Power Vertical Podcast was the last one I will produce for some time. I founded The Power Vertical franchise at Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty in 2008 with the strong support of RFE/RL’s senior management and editorial staff. At its peak of production in 2017 it comprised a written blog, a daily video blog, a weekly podcast, and daily email newsletter. For the past 28 months it was hosted at CEPA, where it comprised a twice-weekly video blog and weekly podcast. It is my sincere hope that I will find a new home for the Power Vertical franchise in the nearest future – but until that time production will be on hold. This is a product I believe in, enjoy producing, and truly hope has added to the public debate on Russian and post-Soviet affairs. Updates will be posted here, on The Power Vertical Facebook fan page, and on the @PowerVertical Twitter feed.


  • This is lousy news for supporters of Ukraine. Brian’s blog reaches media players, academics, historians, businesspeople, Russian dissidents and a range of intellectuals.
    Comments underneath suggest that RFL is being defunded.
    It is to be sincerely hoped that a major media network will take it on. But which one? The trumpoid sites love putler and the leftist sites are only interested in antifa/blm Marxist drivel.
    The blog should be funded by the Pentagon, as a crucial component of the information war.

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    • onlyfactsplease

      Truly, a bad development in the field of information in Europe. Brian has done an excellent job with the Power Vertical and I’ve always enjoyed his accurate and comprehensive reports and comments regarding mafia land and Ukraine. If I may add, it is not only a loss for Ukraine but for Europe too. Many people get only a vague picture of what the crime syndicate really means for the continent. As you’ve said, most news providers are interested only in offering their ass to Putin or propagating their nauseating leftist/antifa sewage bilge.

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      • If you ‘friend’ him on FB facts, you will be kept up to date on the future of his project, plus also his archives. He just posted a superb one from 2 years ago about the putler Kerch bridge. Unfortunately I can’t find a way to post a link to it here.

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  • I smell interference here. StopFake has produced no videos for quite a few weeks now. Brian Whitmore is having problems getting his excellent programme hosted. I know these are non profit organisations that rely on funding, but surely someone has enough money to keep these programmes on air?

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    • I fear you are right F1. I can tell from his FB page that Brian is a mild liberal/centrist; proving yet again that we must never write off an entire community. But this may have gone against him regarding the decision to cut him loose. He has clearly upset someone. Hopefully he will reveal more information.

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      • Here is a list of donors supporting CEPA. Looking at the list which contains some very powerful, and rich companies. I find it hard to believe they don’t have enough money between them to support Brian.

        The Hirsch Family Foundation
        National Endowment for Democracy
        The Smith Richardson Foundation
        The Poses Family Foundation
        The Baltic American Freedom Foundation
        NATO Public Diplomacy Division
        U.S. Department of State
        American Friends of the Czech Republic
        Lockheed Martin Corporation
        Raytheon Company
        Bell Helicopter

        Hungarian American Coalition
        The Hungary Initiatives Foundation
        Central and East European Coalition
        Friends of Slovakia

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        • Absolutely. Proof that the decision must have been political rather than financial.
          I think he should be funded by the military. Failing that, the Atlantic Council ought to be able to support him.

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