Ukraine today .org has its first anniversary

3 Aug. 2020 –

By: Red Square Maidan

It all happened so quickly, and it continues to happen quickly. Seasons seem to come and go like cars on the highway. Unless you’re driving a Lada that is. In Moscovia, you don’t judge a car by the number of years but the number of seasons. That’s my ice-breaker…

We jumped into this site exactly a year ago and I feel a huge need to respond and thank all the contributors for their gracious gifts for Ukraine. Happy first anniversary!

You have posted over 2.4 million words written gracefully in 5,400 articles. That’s 15 articles a day, every day. The dedication with the Authors and contributors is outstanding and humbling. We are all part of a larger force to get news of Ukraine out in English.

This is the current map of this year:

Those that are interested in news about Ukraine have spoken too. In the face of media takeover by the Moskali, we had over 118,000 views and 30,000 unique visitors. Also, in honor of Lady Larissa, there aren’t a lot of “mute fish” because we’ve tossed out over 22,000 verbal IED’s through the first year.

These are the top 5 articles posted this maiden year. All happened to be in 2020 too. Beginning with a cynical article that got 622 hits authored by none other than Sir Foccusser in honor of RT:

Number 2 this time was a combination of 3 volatile words, “Poison, Shokin and Biden” that got a lot of attention. Not surprising either because those 3 words could easily be put into political poetry. Also distributed by Foccusser:

Third was posted by Foccusser again and it was after the tragedy with the Ukrainian airliner PS752 that was shot down when trying to return to Kyiv from Tehran. And by the way, where was president Zelensky?

The fourth most interesting article was about an intriguing political story out of Germany that could always use a 2nd read. Foccusser again ;))

And for the 5th place article which wasn’t really an article, but a cunning political photo with Frank Zappa, caught by Sir Scadge. I see Frank Zappa still sells! It got more than 200 hits:

Thanks again to everyone from everyone. I’m just a voice from a gadget in your face. 🙂 Here’s to next year and let’s hope we can all stick together for the good of Ukraine and keep the info in English flowing across the world. Slava Ukraini~~!!


  • англійський масон

    I’m proud to be a part of this, although I don’t contribute as much as everyone else who I think have all done a great job in keeping it going.

    Slava Ukraini

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  • Very many congratulations Redders and thank you for your valuable service! The same goes for the tireless Focusser, Mike, Veth and all the commenters.
    May the day come soon when a permanent peace is in place, all occupiers back in their shithole and this site evolving into a general site for friends of Ukraine, Georgia and the region in general, with more normal politics and travel/food/culture info.

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  • I don’t have much time to do deeper research this year. Also i don’t have ukrainian tv. Does anybody know if there’s an anglophone radio station in Ukraine? Anyway, Focusser and Veth are doing a great job! 👍👍👍

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    • Maybe you could get Russian TV on a firestick where you are?

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    • RFL Europe has a Ukraine channel. Also there is a regular podcast from DC by Brian Whitmore that has Ukrainian contributors. Edward Lucas also has one that covers Ukraine, Russia, China, E. Europe in general.
      I recently found another excellent regular podcast coming from inside Ukraine : Ukraine World. The host is Volodymyr Yermolenko and he is brilliant.

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  • Happy Birthday UT!

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