Russia and its supporters in Europe are trying to discredit Ukraine by spreading the narrative of “far-right extremism”

Authors:Gala SklyarevskaThis is stated in the response of the Ukrainian delegation to the PACE to a request from MediaSapiens

The other day, some Ukrainian media reported that the PACE intended to send an additional mission to investigate “far-right extremism” in Ukraine. “112 Ukraine”, “Vesti” and other publications referred to the words of the chairman of the PACE monitoring committee Stefan Schennach, without specifying where and when he made a statement about the intention to create an “additional commission”. You can read more about the situation here .

MediaSapiens asked Elizaveta Yasko , the head of the permanent Ukrainian delegation to the PACE, to comment on these statements and the dissemination of this information in the media. In response, she rejects accusations of spreading “far-right extremism” in Ukraine, considers the dissemination of such information part of manipulation during the election campaign and attempts by Russia and its supporters in Europe to discredit Ukraine. The Ukrainian delegation does not know about Mr. Schennach’s initiative. We publish the answer in full:

“The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe has a universal mechanism for studying the political processes in the member states – a monitoring mechanism. Ukraine, along with a number of other countries (Azerbaijan, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Turkey) is under PACE monitoring.

In particular, two co-rapporteurs of the Monitoring Committee on the Ukrainian issue have been appointed – Dzhema Grozdanova (Bulgaria) and Alfred Geyer (Switzerland). They planned to pay a visit this spring, but postponed the trip through COVID-19. During such visits, the co-rapporteurs usually meet with high-ranking officials and law enforcement officials, during which they have the opportunity to ask all questions of interest. Subsequently, a report is submitted to the PACE Monitoring Committee.

At the same time, any member of the PACE has the right to submit a motion for a resolution on a topic that he / she considers relevant. Such a document must go through a rather long discussion procedure and is ultimately put to a vote during the PACE session. As you know, the last part of the PACE session took place in January, the next one is scheduled for October, but it is clear that its holding is questionable through COVID-19 – just as the spring and summer parts of this year’s PACE session did not take place.

The Ukrainian delegation to the PACE did not receive any appeals from PACE bodies or co-rapporteurs regarding the so-called “far-right extremism in Ukraine”. Similarly, motions for resolutions on this issue were not registered.

With regard to the above quotation, which quoted the words attributed to Mr. Schennach (without reference to the original source), we consider it necessary to note the following.

Ukraine is a democratic country where freedom of speech, assembly, dissemination of information and political activity are guaranteed. At the same time, all political forces and their supporters must comply with Ukrainian legislation – the procedure for financing parties, nomination and registration of candidates, the rules of public events. Also in Ukraine, the functioning of political parties that profess misanthropic ideologies – communism and Nazism – is banned.

Local elections are planned in Ukraine this year, so it is clear that the political process in Ukraine is active. At the same time, we deny the existence of so-called “far-right extremism” in Ukraine as a powerful organized legal political movement that conducts political activities by force and calls for the overthrow of the constitutional order and enjoys considerable public support.

As parliamentarians, we condemn the facts of violence in the political struggle. At the same time, we emphasize the need for their objective investigation with the establishment of the fact of guilt or innocence of each participant in a particular criminal proceeding, regardless of political views, membership in political organizations and so on.

We understand that the aggressor state – Russia and its supporters in Europe – are interested in discrediting Ukraine in the world by spreading the narrative of so-called “far-right extremism” in our country. This is done in order to divert the attention of the free world from the brutal violation of human rights and war crimes committed by the Russian leadership, primarily under the aggressive policy towards Ukraine and many other countries.

We will systematically and consistently refute false reports and prevent the popularization of distorted narratives in the name of truth and the national interests of Ukraine. “

It will be recalled that video blogger Anatoliy Shariy and information resources controlled by Viktor Medvedchuk have been spreading information about attacks on activists of their parties in recent months, accusing them of attacking the far right. In this regard, the video blogger appealed to a number of left-wing or left-wing deputies of the European Parliament, members of parliaments of some European countries to address words of support to the Sharia party and OPZZH, and condemned “far-right violence” in Ukraine.




  • англійський масон

    This ‘far right extremism’ is the latest kremlin method of disinformation attack against Ukraine. The vatniki trolls are posting articles all over the internet claiming that Nazis are on the rise in Western Ukraine and holding rallies and protests everywhere, attacking non Ukrainians and those who don’t hold similar views.

    I had a very brief exchange with one on quora who replied to my suggestion that there weren’t nazis roaming the streets with a picture of the Azov battalion in their now famous nazi gear and then he posted another picture of neo nazis claiming it to be of somewhere in Western Ukraine.

    I have also had claims that it was Ukrainian nazis who burned the Hotel in Odesa, killing the people there.

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    • It’s not new F1. The slurring of Ukraine as being ‘riddled with far right extremists’ (a perfect description actually of putlerstan) was unleashed as soon as the invasion went ahead. And people in the west bought it big time. It was tightly coordinated.
      I remember in 2014 being a regular commenter on the Daily Telegraph disqus threads. (I left after it went behind a paywall but recently rejoined; they have their own comments system now).
      Anyway, there was a sudden dramatic flurry of activity. All Rus/Ukr related articles were targeted by hordes of kremtrolls. (Many have joined the new paid for site and I am battling them once more from time to time, although it’s so fucking tedious!). These trolls were ordered to focus on the Azov, as well as the stand-in President (the excellent and blameless Oleksandr Turchynov). Of course they went to town on the Odessa story. (It was actually putinazis that were responsible).
      Most of these trolls were UKIP activists. One of the most active was a real nasty piece of work named ‘Emily Enso’, a person whose tongue was black from licking putler’s tiny jackboots. They are still around today, poisoning the minds of the DT’s wealthy, but elderly readership.

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      • I remember when Russia claimed the far right had won the elections in Ukraine, even before the results were published. It went very quiet when the far right didn’t even get enough votes to enter Rada,.

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  • Here you can read about the real nazis in Ukraine, and the nazi hiring them to do Putin’s bidding. These so called attacks on the opposition bloc, were probably organized by the opposition bloc.

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