Kravchuk wants U.S. to join Donbas peace process


The new head of Ukraine’s delegation in the Trilateral Contact Group (TCG) on Donbas, Leonid Kravchuk, said that it would be very difficult to establish peace in the east of the country without the United States’ participation in this process.

“I will tell you frankly: in this format, if the deadlock continues, until the U.S. has been introduced into the format of installing peace in Donbas, it will be difficult, because I think that the most powerful, the richest country in the world may have the biggest influence. True, they have elections around the corner, the coronavirus, there are many problems there. I am talking about it in a longer term. But we’ll see, what if steps begin and the peace will gradually set in,” Kravchuk, who was the first president of Ukraine, said on the Ukraine24 television channel on Saturday, August 1.

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  • I have been saying this for years.

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    • Putin’s boys would have to go, and Ukraine would have to fully control the land all the way to the real Russian border, not the “line of contact.”

      Frankly, if the US became involved, Russia would react violently. I don’t see US forces being peace keeping force.

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      • Ukraine will fuck muslim RuSSia to death! Fuck Moscow! Slava Ukraini!!!

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      • If there is one thing the Moskali are consistent with, it’s respecting strength. That’s why they’re constantly whining about the US military. When Turkey shot down a Mig, what was the Moskali reaction? Whining. When the US Marines barbecued 300 Wagner goons in Syria, what did we hear? Crickets. They are like school yard bullies that cry if you throw sand in their faces. They don’t fight, they bomb hospitals and run away.

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        • You remember the Munich massacre? The Israelis assembled a hit squad, hunted down the perps and killed them one by one. It took them years, but they finished the job. Ukraine, Britain and America need to start assembling extra-judicial hit teams to start taking out putinazi killers and torturers anywhere in the world.

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