Biden policy towards Ukraine and Russia

The article ‘Biden would increase lethal aid to Ukraine’… was reported on the ‘US friends of Ukraine’ FB page. The source: Politico, is accused of having a GOP bias, rather than the other way round. So on balance it appears probably to be true. Biden was not a powerful VP; only a sidekick, like Pence is now.

The article claims that Biden wanted to send lethal weapons but was overruled by Obama. Biden forged a friendship with Poroshenko, despite the latter being on the centre right ideologically, which is to his credit. Another crucial item of proof is Biden’s 30 year friendship with the late John McCain, which exerted an influence on him re Russia policy. He described John as a ‘brother’. Which might explain Trump’s toxic malice towards John. A genuine war hero insulted grievously by a draft-dodger.

Biden warned the Russian dictator in an interview that when he is president, things are going to be a lot less easier for him, so he obviously thinks it’s a vote-winner.

Thanks to Trump’s grotesque and pointless attempts to kowtow to Putin, his strongest media supporters all became admirers of the dictator. These people have managed to convert ordinary patriotic voters in GOP heartlands (ie most areas outside the West and East coasts) into fans. The proof of this can be seen in editorial and comments columns of trumpoid media outlets such as Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, Tucker Carlson, Laura Ingraham, Michael Savage, Alex Jones, Ann Coulter etc. Commenters always refer to something called ‘the Russia hoax’: they believe that Russia did not interfere in 2016 and that anyway Russia is a friendly Christian nation.

A growing number of trumpoids believe in the batshit crazy QAnon conspiracy theory. From wiki: ‘Q has falsely accused many liberal Hollywood actors, Democratic politicians, and high-ranking officials of being members of an international child sex trafficking ring. Q also claimed that Donald Trump feigned collusion with Russians to enlist Robert Mueller to join him in exposing the ring and preventing a coup d’état by Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and George Soros. “Q” is a reference to the Q clearance used by the Department of Energy. QAnon believers commonly tag their social media posts with the hashtag #WWG1WGA, signifying the motto “Where We Go One, We Go All”.

There is a photo of Pence with SWAT team members wearing the QAnon in wiki:

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  1. Sounds fine to me. Ukraine could need some real support. Only problem – Poroshenko is gone, and Zelensky is an asshole. This could spoil all efforts.

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