Russia names condition for formal arms deliveries to Donbas

Russia names condition for formal arms deliveries to Donbas

31.07.2020 15:37

Leonid Kalashnikov, head of the Russian State Duma Committee on CIS Affairs, says that Russia will be able to formally supply weapons to militants in Donbas if the United States approves annual military aid to Ukraine.

The adoption by the U.S. Senate of a bill on annual military aid worth USD 300 million to Ukraine “will open the door for Russia” to formally supply weapons to militants in Donbas, Kalashnikov said, Interfax reported.

As Ukrinform reported, on July 30, a group of U.S. Senators introduced the Ukraine Security Partnership Act to provide security assistance and strategic support to Ukraine. The aid amounts to USD 300 million per year.

In turn, U.S. President Donald Trump’s administration supported an increase in the supply of lethal weapons to Ukraine in the defense budget for the 2021 fiscal year.



    • We don’t get distracted very easily here, RTroll. We also know it’s your job to distract. The USA is quite able to walk and chew gum at the same time which is obviously not the case for you. Your Kremlin lies are completely ineffective here and you’re better off wearing knee pads for Lavrov than trying to keep your job by influencing anyone on this site.

      • What exactly have I lied about ? Have you been to Skid row in LA. That’s one heck of a “walk and chew gum” success then.

        • That is in the US, but the overwhelming majority of the US is not like that troll. If you look at the cities thast are run by Democrats, you’ll see the same thing over and over.

    • Don’t abuse Vietnam’s reputation here, stupid shit! 95% of vietnamese favor America over China and RuSSia. Let’s talk about HIV in RuSSia instead.

      • Let me guess, it’s 95 percent because the other 5 % perished in the My Lai massacre by the US forces.

          • Oh. So the defenceless My Lai villagers. Women and children included, where Chinese volunteers !!!! That’s a new one to try and whitewash what is known as a war crime. So why wheee the commanders of that Platoon tried for killing “ Chinese volunteers “ what a joke of a historian.

          • And to reply to tour other question, yes, tha Holodomor was a crime against humanity perpetrated by Ioseb Besarionis dzе Jugashvili, also known as Joseph Stalin. A Georgian born psychopath and leader of the USSR at the time. The main victims where Ukrainians and Moldovans.

            • Stalin was Moskali, just like the rest of the evil commies from the wasteland. It is common for fellow commies to try and whitewash Stalin’s crimes by saying he was from Georgia. Many leaders of Moskovia were from other countries which shouldn’t surprise anyone considering Moskovia’s incompetence over their 5 centuries of miserable existence.

              • Stalin refused to speak anything other than Russian from an early age. He even created a Russian name for himself. So it’s not fair to blame poor Georgia for this monster. Stalin’s hero: Lenin, was as much Mongol as Russian, as can be clearly seen, yet we don’t blame Mongolia for him.
                Stalin self-identified as a Marxist-Leninist, which in my book is a fascist. He devoted his life to continuing the legacy of Lenin. Everything he did was driven by Lenin: the genocide, torture, invasions, imperialism, lying and propaganda. A business model enthusiastically taken up by the tiny poisoner.

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      • Nobody denies that the US is the sole super power. But what has that status done for the country today ? 155K and rising deaths from Covid, a rampant drug problem. Yet 700 billion a year spent on the military ? When was the last time the US lost over 155k citizens to conflict. It hasn’t happened in recent years and probably never will. Yet a virus is able to come in and break through that 700 billion dollar Defense and devastate the country. All these millions being pledged for militant equipment should be used to fight the real killer as we speak. Disease and drug addiction. Just saying !!!

        • The 155K number is incorrect and was intentionally padded by fringe leftists in positions of power and influence. Same with case numbers. Drug addiction is mostly self inflected. The real killer is your ilk in the form of the fringe left rioting in the streets. Trump has not been able to invoke the insurrection act yet, but will be able after he is re-elected.

  1. “The adoption by the U.S. Senate of a bill on annual military aid worth USD 300 million to Ukraine “will open the door for Russia” to formally supply weapons to militants in Donbas.”
    The only difference being the word “formally”. Everyone knows except Putin, Zakharova, Peskov and Lavrov, that weapons have been delivered as “humanitarian aid”. Next, Trump might “formally” send in the Warthogs and make a big fucking mess of the ruSSo-vacationers…

    • If the US gets directly involved, it will go hard for those Russian militants in the Donbas (see the incident in Syria for guidance).. I hope, however, we do not get directly involved.

  2. “The adoption by the U.S. Senate of a bill on annual military aid worth USD 300 million to Ukraine “will open the door for Russia” to formally supply weapons to militants in Donbas, Kalashnikov said”

    Would that be extra weapons on top of the informal weapons from the last 6 years? Or will this just be Russia moving in permanently?

  3. “if the United States passes a bill to allocate military assistance to Ukraine, it “could make” Russia think about arms supplies to the territories of the Donbas which are not under Kyiv’s control…”
    Those Ruskie idiots must explain what diifference this is to what they’ve been doing since 2014.
    That’s right … no difference at all. Empty threats is what mafia land is good at, amongst other non-positive things.

    • Putin’s neo-Soviet actions have drug his country into the economic pits. If he tries to up the “aid” he gives his troops in the Donbas, he will simply impoverish his country more.

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