Russia to move missiles and troops to NATO borders

Russia will move the latest weapons and additional troops to the western borders in response to U.S. plans to deploy troops to Poland and the Baltic states, reported Interfax, citing the Inspector of the Russian Defense Ministry, Major General Vladimir Bogatyrev.

United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper announced on Wednesday that U.S. troops could be deployed in countries bordering Russia. Part of the 12,000-strong contingent, which is being withdrawn from Germany, can be relocated to Polish and Baltic bases.

“Of course, there will be a military response to these Washington ‘s actions. Russia will respond calmly and comprehensively,” Bogatyrev warned.

According to him, the troops of the Western Military District will be strengthened, the modernization of the Baltic Fleet’s forces and troops will continue. They will receive the means of delivering high-powered ammunition “to the places of possible deployment of NATO troops.”

According to the major general, the fleet will receive hypersonic weapons and other types of advanced weapons, including the newest Kinzhal air-launched ballistic missile, Peresvet combat laser systems and Zircon hypersonic missile.

“We should not forget that Russian combat aircraft, including strategic ones, have sufficient capabilities,” Bogatyrev said.

“Carriers of the latest weapons can be placed at the closest possible distance to the borders of those countries from which the threat will come,” he stressed.

“The decision to bring troops closer to the Russian borders from a military point of view is pointless,” Bogatyrev said. But the Defense Ministry considers such actions “extremely dangerous.”

“Reckless unauthorized actions, accidental mistakes can lead to a military conflict with unpredictable consequences,” Bogatyrev explained.

The U.S. military command on Wednesday announced the decision to withdraw 12,000 troops from Germany. According to the plan, 6.4 thousand servicemen will return home, and 5.6 thousand will be relocated to other European countries. United States Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said some of the troops withdrawn from Germany would be moved to Russia’s border to deter Russia.

Most of the U.S. military will be based in Italy and Belgium, but if an agreement is reached, they will be sent to Poland and the Baltic states, the Pentagon said.

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  1. Perhaps this tosser could explain the 100,000 troops stationed on the border of a country that poses no threat at all to Russia, Ukraine? I doubt the US will be impressed with this idiot’s claims of deploying super, duper, invincible invisible weapons everywhere.

    • Proof that this move is detrimental to the Moskali despite the best efforts of the media to claim it helps Putler. Those that believe the anti Trump media are continually looking like fools.

  2. Another ridiculous click bait headline. Russia is moving Troops and missiles within its own territory.
    NATO’ isn’t a country and as such, doesn’t have borders. On the other hand NATO member states have borders, but if those states don’t like Russia moving its own troops around its own territory, Then move your country, together with the “NATO borders”and place it next to the USA. Simple.

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