MP from Servant of the People party attacks visitors of restaurant

The video footage shows Andriy Strikharsky attacking a woman, and his guards attacked the man who tried to protect her17:25, 30 July 2020

Andriy StrikharskyOpen source

Telegram channel ZElandia published a video footage showing an incident with Andriy Stikharsky, the MP from Servant of the People party. The official attacked a visitor in the restaurant in the unidentified location, Korrespondent reported.

“MP from Servant of the People party Andriy Stikharsky who was in an inadequate condition, affected by either alcohol or drugs attacked visitors of a restaurant. The MP attacked a woman, and then, his guard, on his orders, beaten up a man who tried to protect her”, the message on the ZElandia Telegram channel says.

The footage shows the date of July 26, 2020. The location where the incident took place is unknown.

An assault on MP Oleh Voloshyn took place next to the building of the Ukrainian Parliament in Kyiv on Tuesday. The lawmaker from Opposition Platform – For Life party was punched several times, and suffered a chemical burn to his eye.

Commenting on the incident, Voloshyn blamed representatives of the European Solidarity party for this attack.

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