Ukraine’s archbishop blames Zelensky for treason

“When my Motherland is in danger, praying is just not enough”, Afanasiy Shkurupiy said

Archbishop of Kharkiv and Poltava (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) Afanasiy Shkurupiy commented on the conditions of ceasefire in Donbas and called President Volodymyr Zelensky a traitor for imposing such conditions. under which Ukrainian troops have no right to use drones for air reconnaissance or use sniper weaponry – even so as to return fire.

Shkurupiy posted this on his Facebook page on July 24.

“Since last spring (reference to presidential elections in Ukraine, when Zelensky triumphed in the race, – 112 International), I’ve been murmuring the tune all the time: “I’m looking through the scope, and it beats me why am I not the sniper, and why am I not shooting?”. This, perhaps, was the feeling that became stronger every day – the feeling of this terrible betrayal of Zelensky and General Staff of the Armed Forces that they committed in Minsk, and bring it to life since today (July 24, – 112 International). By doign so, he put himself beyond the law!”, the churchman wrote.

Some users left comments, reprimanding him, and Shkurupiy replied: “I’m a citizen of my country, Ukraine, and the son of my Motherland. When it’s in danger, praying alone is just not enough. A cross in one hand, and a machinegun in the other! You really wanted to see me sitting there and praying while my mother is being beaten up? I only regret I’m too old already (Shkurupiy is 66, – 112 International). I’m surprised that young people are so idle”, the archbishop wrote.

(c) 112


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