PACE may investigate far-right extremism in Ukraine

It is related to the wave of attacks by national radicals on civilians that swept through Ukraine

The Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe may send an additional mission to Ukraine to investigate far-right extremism after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. This was stated by an MP of Austria’s Social Democratic Party, a member of the PACE, Professor Stefan Schennach.

In his opinion, a special report should be made on the wave of attacks by far rights on civilians that swept through Ukraine.

I think when we return to consistent work, we will send an additional mission to Ukraine specifically to investigate this far-right extremism. I have made a corresponding position to the monitoring committee and the bureau (the Bureau of Council of Europe – 112 International). I think it is time to make a special report on this,” Schennach stated.

As we reported earlier, on May 23, far rights attacked the office of the Opposition Platform – For Life political party.

On June 25, two unidentified persons attacked the coordinator of the local branch of Party of Shariy, Mykyta Rozhenko, in Kharkiv. He was hit on the head with baseball bats.

Later, for the first time in the history of Ukraine, a combat grenade was used against political opponents. An unknown man in a mask threw it into an open window of the Poltava office of the Opposition Platform – For Life party.

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  1. “I think when we return to consistent work, we will send an additional mission to Ukraine specifically to investigate this far-right extremism.”

    This Russian lover thinks a couple of guys beating up pro Russian trash, deserves an investigation. Yet I doubt he muttered a word of condemnation when Russia committed a war crime by murdering a Ukrainian medic, then mutilating his body. Sorry but PACE lost all credibility when they allowed the vermin to bribe themselves back into this useless organisation.

    • I see Austria still has nazis, what a shame. Connect the dots; nazi running with talking points from the Kremlin filtered through Medvedchuk and to 112 where they call it fact. I hope the investigation includes that the Moskali are occupying parts of Ukraine and this is war? Austria itself should shut down this propaganda provocation before it even starts. They either support Ukraine ridding itself from the ruSSo-filth or they support Hitler 2.0.

      • Not one word about the war crime committed by Russia in Ukraine, neither on the PACE website, or C of E website. Which goes to show, the values they promote are meaningless and contradict everything they supposedley stand for.

  2. ‘Far right extremism’ eh? So why haven’t you ‘investigated’ the kremnazi regime, you sniveling, putler jackboot licking turds?

  3. PACE has disqualified itself as a legitimate organization once it let the mafiosi back into its ranks. I would also be held liable if I were to aid and abet a bank robber or rapist.

  4. What about ruSSian Nazism, based on the ideology – where ethnic ruSSians live is RuSSia. They can investigate whatever they want, nobody cares.

  5. so is it a wolf wearing sheeps clothing or is it a sheep wearing wolfs clothing? maybe not but if the “far” right is… than what is the “far” left?”; and becaus ethese two groups are so far where are the close right/leftists??? btw theres a top and a bottom. and a forward and a backward and 6 walls makes a cube but one side is a base, and another is a roof….. what exactly is a wall? a flat surface? can we start building global homes that are mathematically global?

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