Leader of “DNR” admits loss of health care personnel in “republic”. Russian diplomas do not help

The “DNR” leader Denis Pushilin has admitted the loss of health care personnel from the occupied territories of Donetsk oblast. This follows from the content of his conversation with “rector” of the separatist clone of the Donetsk National Medical University Grigoriy Ignatenko.

It turned out that the graduates of the university that illegally carries out educational activities, leave CADO after receiving diplomas, including the Russian ones.

“There are skilled personnel, we know how to train them. The Medical University does everything possible for this. There are Russian-style diplomas. But there is a question about the lack of personnel in the cities and regions of the “republic”. What should be done to ensure that young specialists stay in the “republic”, so that they can be employed on the territory of our cities and districts and so that the shortage of medical personnel in our country is not as urgent as it is now? – the head of the occupation administration asked the “rector”.

He, in turn, said that the problem of brain drain is going to be solved by almost doubled admission. At the same time, Ignatenko complained that with the beginning of the Russian occupation in 2014, a significant part of the teaching staff refused to work in the illegal clone of the Ukrainian Medical University.

(C)OSTROV 2020

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