Millions in Swiss bank, Rolex, Breguet watches: New National Bank head updates declaration

In addition, Kyrylo Shevchenko owes 8,520 dollars of taxes12:28, 23 July 2020Newly-appointed Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Kyrylo ShevchenkoKyryloShevchenko/Website

Kyrylo Shevchenko, who was appointed the new head of the National Bank of Ukraine by the Verkhovna Rada on July 16, published his income declaration on the same day. But on July 21, he edited the declaration.

Shevchenko stated that he had an account in a Swiss bank, several expensive watches, jewelry, and fur coats.

Real estate

Shevchenko, except the TV, also declared three units of the precious Audemar Piguet wristwatch, two Rolex wristwatches, one CHOPARD wristwatch, and one BREGUET watch belonging to his wife. He also declared three BREGUET watches, precious wristbands Messika, VAN CLEEF, JACOB & Co, three sets of earrings, rings made of precious metal VAN CLEFF, the same set of Stephen Webster and Crivelli, a ring and two sets of Crivelli earrings, Hermes bag and two fur coats by Maurizio Braschi. One bracelet and a ring are also indicated without a brand name.

Valuable movable property

OUTLANDER MAX LTD 1000R ATV was added to the ‘valuable movable property’ section.

Securities section contains information about the concurrent estate of the Shevchenko family – 400 bonds of Sberbank. The nominal value of one bond is 852 dollars. Thus, the securities cost the family 340,880 dollars. It is also stated that in 2019 the Shevchenko family received 24,556 dollars from these bonds.

Intangible assets – copyright to the object “Article ‘Index of mortgage lending as a tool to reduce the cost of mortgage loans.”

Information that the Shevchenko family received interest from the Swiss bank Lombard Odier and Co LTD in the amount of 46,960 dollars and from the Austrian insurance company UNIQA Austria – 402 dollars is added in the section ‘income, including gifts’.

Cash assets. Shevchenko’s family holds in the bank Lombard Odier and Co LTD 3 million 17 thousand dollars. Also in the same bank, on the account, they have 9,741 euros and 68,783 dollars in the global climate fund Lombard Odier. Shevchenko keeps on the account in Expobank CZ a.s. 96,038 euros.

In addition, Kyrylo Shevchenko owes 8,520 dollars of taxes.

The head of the NBU also has cash – 20,000 dollars, 105,000 hryvnias, 10,000 euros. His wife has 15,000 euros, 27,000 dollars, 120,000 hryvnias.

In the previous version of the declaration, Shevchenko had a salary of 522,000 dollars as the Chairman of the Board of Ukrgasbank and an income of 479,000 dollars from the sale of real estate.

(C)112UA 2020


  • So the previous central bank head was popular with reformers so Zelensky had to sack him. Now the new head has 340,880 dollars invested in Russian state bank Sberbank. Shouldn’t that have been a disqualifier?!! Zelensky is going to end up tarred and feathered and run through Maidan looking like a chicken.

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  • Another Russian lover gets a high post under Zenny The Clown.

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