French ambassador: Only Normandy, Minsk formats can bring peace to Donbas

The Normandy and Minsk formats are the only ones that are capable of bringing peace to Donbas and reaffirming Ukraine’s sovereignty within its internationally recognized borders, French Ambassador to Ukraine Etienne de Poncins states.

The ambassador assured that France will not abandon its attempts to find a way to establish peace in Donbas.

“We use a lot of energy and diplomatic tools to try to reach an agreement, and we will continue to do so. President Emmanuel Macron is fully committed to this position and spends a lot of time on phone conversations with Angela Merkel, President Zelensky and President Putin to try to find a way to peace. And we will not give up these efforts. We know that almost every day there are terrible casualties along the line of contact. We want to do our part so that they end and peace returns to Ukraine,” the ambassador said.

As Ukrinform reported, the last meeting of the leaders in the Normandy format took place in Paris on December 9, 2019. In early July, Berlin hosted a meeting of political advisers to the leaders of the Normandy format countries. The Office of the President of Ukraine then stated that Ukraine, Germany and France at the meeting demonstrated their readiness to make every effort to implement the agreements of the Normandy format summit, reached in Paris, while Russia said it needs time to prepare its response.

(c) Ukrinform


  • Six years these dead in the water agreements have been in force. Six years Russia pissed on them, while the jellyfish like this imbecile, keep blathering on about phone calls and appeasing the Nazi terrorist in the Kremlin.

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    • Of course nothing coming from the frogs or krauts has any more value than a worn out tyre. However, today Deutsche Welle reports that there will be a ceasefire in Donbas beginning on Monday. There is even an interview with Dmitro Kuleba to confirm this. It’s probably a total sack of shit as usual, but you never know! The heading itself is a grotesque insult, stating :
      ‘Ukraine: Government and rebels reach new ceasefire deal’.
      Note the sickening and unacceptable use of the word ‘rebels’.
      The strange thing is that there is no mention of this in the KP.

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      • The OSCE released a statement which is an even worse insult to Ukraine, regarding a ceasefire.

        “The agreements provide for “the issuance and enactment from 00:01hrs (Kyiv time) on July 27, 2020 by the leadership of the Ukrainian Armed Forces and the leadership of the armed formations of certain areas of Donetsk and Luhansk regions of, and compliance with, for the whole period until full comprehensive settlement of the conflict, the respective ceasefire orders.”

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    • Russia invaded, Russia needs to go home.
      This seems like a simple and logical method to restore peace and freedom to Ukraine but the Jellyfish just can’t bring themselves to use logic. I dare say if this was a Muslim country with oil they would.

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  • Minsk is dead. Putin never intended to keep the agreement just as he never intended to keep the Budapest Memorandum. Nothing Putin says, or signs, can be taken as the truth.

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