Zelensky’s big mistake. Why it is impossible to fulfill the demands of terrorists

Yesterday there was an event that will open our, Ukrainian, Pandora’s box

The events in Lutsk once again showed that Ukraine has a weak government that does not realize its responsibility to the state and society, but acts like amateurs from a film . Yesterday Zelensky recorded a video at the request of a terrorist… And after that, the three hostages were released. This is a good thing for an ordinary person. And at the same time, an unacceptable act for the president. The problem is that everyone saw that the president of Ukraine will fulfill the conditions of the terrorists. And this will now be used. From psychos and terrorists to Putin, who is two in one. For comparison, imagine Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau or Recep Erdogan in Zelensky’s place. Have you presented? Can you imagine them fulfilling the terrorists’ demands? You can not? So I can’t. Because they understand causation in this situation.

Zelensky’s shortsighted sympathizers or emotionally motivated people will try to justify the video of the President of Ukraine with the advertisement for the film Earthlings , which he recorded at the request of the Lutsk terrorist. Unfortunately, they do not understand that this video will motivate new terrorists to commit new crimes tomorrow. Those can blow up the house and say that if they do not fulfill their requirements, they will blow up new ones. And further in this spirit. A big mistake was made yesterday. Especially against the background of the war in Donbass.

The Kremlin will now begin to peddle in the West and in the media the thesis that Zelensky communicates with terrorists and fulfills their demands, but does not want to fulfill the demands of the separatists and does not want peace. And the collective West, tired of Zelensky, seeing his weakness, can play along with the Kremlin. Moreover, international activity is clearly not the strong point of the sixth president. And Zelensky will ” float” after arguments like a boxer after a missed uppercut. You can guess the consequences.

The bad news is that a terrorist can force the Ukrainian president to record a video. But even worse is the fact that the death of a Ukrainian soldier cannot motivate the president to record a video with words of sympathy for his family and loved ones and with condemnation of Russian aggression. Zelensky’s act would look beautiful in some Hollywood action movie, but it looks extremely irresponsible from the point of view of national security. A statesman or politician has no right to do this. The only justification for Zelensky is that he is not one of them. But this does not bode well for us either. Therefore, an event took place yesterday that will open our, Ukrainian, Pandora’s box. For how long? At least as long as Zelensky and his entourage will be in power. So buckle up. Will shake violently.

(c) HB


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