VIDEOFACT. Siverskyi Donets canal’s water main seriously damaged in gray zone of Donbass

As a result of hostilities, all three penstock branches of the Siverskyi Donets canal with diameters of 2100 mm and 2300 mm were damaged in the area of Shumy draw in the gray zone. Currently, there is a colossal leakage of drinking water – 65 000 m³ per hour. Water supply is reduced in a significant part of the Donetsk oblast, including the occupied territories. The Donetsk oblast, July 22, 2020

(C)OSTROV 2020


  1. For westerners that don’t have a feel for that amount of water loss, 65000 cubic meters per hours is 486,200 US gallons per hour. or 18 cubic feet per second. The drinking water plant needs to be shut down as that will wear it out quickly, and for no good reason.

    The break in the photo looks like it is from a large caliber bullet, or small cannon projectile (20-30mm).

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