Buzhansky’s scandalous bill: Kravchuk announced that the document will not be put to a vote in the fall

Deputy Chairman of the Servant of the People faction Yevgenia Kravchuk said that the bill of Maxim Buzhansky on the state language in the educational process in the fall will not be considered in the Rada.

This was reported by Radio Liberty .

According to her, by autumn the scandalous document ” will lose its essence.”

” After all, from September 1, 2020, Russian-language schools are switching to the Ukrainian language, so this law will not make sense and will not be submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration,” Kravchuk said.

The MP called the decision to include the Buzhansky bill on the agenda a mistake.

“ In general, there was no chance of passing this law. Also, this is the first reading. Even in terms of regulations and procedures, it would not have been adopted. This once again turned out to be for our opponents to tease society on the one hand and on the other. We, as a committee ( on humanitarian and information policy – ed.) Recommended that it be rejected, ”Kravchuk said.

Maksim Buzhansky registered bill No. 2362, which allegedly aims to abolish the ” discrimination” of the Russian language in the educational process.

The document provides for the cancellation of the transition of students in grades 5-11 of Russian-language schools to the Ukrainian language of instruction.

If the bill is adopted, the compulsory study of 80% of subjects in schools in Ukrainian will be canceled.

Accordingly, the annual amount of study time for obtaining basic secondary education in the state language will be 20% ( 40% in grade 9), specialized secondary education – 60%.

A number of people’s deputies from the presidential faction refused to support the bill, as it introduces a split in society.

Buzhansky’s bill was not considered at a meeting on Friday, July 17, although it was included in the agenda. Another rally was held outside the parliament against the adoption of the bill , clashes broke out between the protesters and the police.

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  1. “Maksim Buzhansky registered bill No. 2362, which allegedly aims to abolish the ” discrimination” of the Russian language in the educational process.”

    Another Putin agent stealing fresh Ukrainian air. He should be breathing the fetid, polluted air from the swamp.

    • The Ukrainian language is part of Ukrainian sovereignty and cannot be negotiated. Dictators and despots have tried to kill it for centuries which has made the necessity for this sovereignty even more important. Ukrainian and English is enough but a little po-ruSSki is needed for insults of course ;))

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