Zelensky: We’re protecting our sovereignty from Russian aggression during six years, Ukraine doing everything for just peace in its understanding

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky emphasizes that for the sixth year Ukraine has been protecting its sovereignty from the aggression of the Russian Federation, and is doing everything for a just peace in its understanding.

“Dear Ukrainians! Today, for the sixth year in a row, we are defending our sovereignty from Russian aggression. We pay a high price for this — the lives of our citizens. Today, the entire civilized world recognizes that Ukraine is doing everything to bring about such a desired peace. A just peace. Peace in our understanding of the word. It’s the peace where state sovereignty will prevail in reality, and not on paper,” he said on Thursday speaking at the solemn meeting of the Verkhovna Rada on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration on State Sovereignty of Ukraine.

Zelensky pointed out that Ukraine cannot return the dead, but must return all its territories. “To restore faith in truth and justice to demonstrate that what our heroes died for is never useless. I am convinced that we, the Ukrainians, have a chance to achieve this only in one instance – if we all unite. Just like 30 years ago,” he said.

(c) Interfax


  • What a load of BS. No mention of the guy he and his Russian buddies are now persecuting. The guy for 5 of those 6 years who saved Ukraine from the clutches of the evil empire.

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    • A weak leader with wishy-washy loyalties, a weak economy, disease and a filthy fifth column (Medvedchuk/Boyko) beavering away, a slimy, treacherous EU and a putinoid potus who might be replaced by a crypto-Marxist regime, are not desirable things for Ukraine. They desperately need some solid external help and the internal stability that only Poro could bring.

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      • True, Zelensky is putting his own popularity before the country, something Poro never did. Hence the persecution by Kolomoisky etc. He closed all the fake banks, and got the economy back on track. Zelensky is doing his best to unravel everything done in the 5 years previous to his election.

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