Merkel holds phone conversation with Putin


The focus of the discussion was on the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel held a phone conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin on July 15.

“The focus of the discussion was on the implementation of the Minsk agreements on the peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. The interviewees also discussed how to deal with the arms embargo on Iran and the current situation in Libya,” Federal Government Press and Information Office (BPA) said on July 15.

The Kremlin’s press service added that Putin, in particular, announced “Ukraine’s counterproductive attempts to distort the content of the Minsk agreements.”

In addition, the press service said that the interlocutors also agreed on the “lack of alternatives to the Minsk agreements.”

However, there is no such information on the website of the German government.

Earlier, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration of Temporarily Occupied Territories, one of Ukraine’s envoys to the Trilateral Contact Group for the Donbas settlement in Minsk Oleksiy Reznikov said that the Minsk agreements are largely no longer relevant, so they should be reviewed.

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  • “Ukraine’s counterproductive attempts to distort the content of the Minsk agreements.”

    It wasn’t Ukraine that committed war crimes, but the scum from Russia, although I doubt the fat bitch mentioned that to the terrorist.

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    • Every single time with every single country, there is a press release from Putin and the Kremlin in 5 minutes but nothing from the other side of the meeting or phone call. Yanukobytch, Tymoshenko, Merkel, Obama, Trump, Hollande, all of them and from every perspective. Crickets.
      It’s almost as though the little dictator says, “Thanks for the meeting, we will handle all the press releases or we will nuke Brussels.

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      • Yeah, and we have a Ukrainian president who doesn’t know how to say the word Russia.

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      • Leave Yulia alone. No other politician in Ukraine suffered as much as she did for Ukraine. Without the Orange Evolution Maidan could not have happened. She was the first to fight RuSSia and corruption. Sadly Ukraine is infested by the mafia to the core. Without decisive western pressure and assistance Ukraine may die.

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        • Hold on bro, I didn’t say anything bad about your Yulia. I remember her meeting with Putin while she was PM for Yanukobytch about renewing gas flow and there was a couple of days before the Kremlin finally spoke while much of Europe was freezing. Even Yulia at the time didn’t say or couldn’t say anything to the media and they signed an agreement. I just used her as an example for perspective.

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