U.S. Threatens New Sanctions Over Russia-Germany Pipeline

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday threatened new sanctions to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that Russia is building to Germany.

“Our expectation is that those who participate in the continued project will be subject to review for potential consequences,” Pompeo told a news conference.

President Donald Trump last year signed legislation from Congress that targets contractors working on the 10-billion-euro ($11 billion) project as well as another Russian gas project, TurkStream.

Pompeo announced that the Trump administration is now also including Nord Stream 2 under the Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act, a separate law that lays out sanctions over transactions with countries including Russia.

“We are adding our voice to those European voices today that are concerned about Russian aggression,” said Chris Robinson, a senior U.S. diplomat handling Russia.

“The tools that we have made available today help reinforce that message,” he said.

Germany had voiced anger over the earlier sanctions, saying that they interfered in its internal affairs.

(c) The Moscow Times


  • “U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday threatened new sanctions to stop the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline that Russia is building to Germany.”

    Good, but don’t threaten, just do it, then make a statement, after the sanctions have been applied.

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    • It’s good that the Trump administration are convinced this is more than just an economic opportunity for Germany, this is aid and comfort to a fascist dictator. Maybe they announced it early hoping to garner support. Certainly Poland and the Baltics are on board so maybe others will join.

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      • Europe don’t seem to realise, the US are doing them a massive favour, and no doubt hoping to do themselves a massive favour by selling gas with no strings attached.

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      • What is your definition of Fascism may I ask? I’ve seen many instances where the Russian government is routinely referred to as Fascist or Nazis. I’m wondering whether there is a real understanding of what fascism really is, and whether by it’s true definition it could be justifiably attributed to the Russian Government. Thanks

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        • Study the putler regime for a textbook example, putler fanboy.

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        • By any definition, Truth Seeker.
          According to Webster, Fascism is “a political philosophy…that exalts nation (and often race) above the individual and…headed by a dictatorial leader…and forcible suppression of opposition.”
          That describes Putin perfectly and encroaches Nazism too because of his Russki Mir philosophy and imposition of Putin’s will upon other independent countries such as Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Syria, and Lebanon to begin with.
          Nobody can argue that Putin is not forcibly suppressing the Opposition and nobody can logically claim that Putin is not imposing his will upon foreign countries.

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