Vladimir Zhirininovsky

Since the arrest of Sergei Furgal of the Liberal Democratic Party, (the name of the party is a savage joke, since it is neither liberal nor democratic), which unusually, provoked demonstrations, it might be worth examining exactly what it is that stirred the serf-like population to rebel; albeit on a low key basis.

The leader of the LDP is Zhirininovsky. His fascist bloc, together with the communists, are officially listed as opposition. They are no such thing; they pretty much always back the ruling Yedinaya Rossiya party, which being a catch all, does not publish an ideology. In fact all these three are aggressive, imperialistic and totalitarian in nature, just like every ruler in Russia with perhaps the exceptions of Gorbachev (a one time statesman who became a putin shill in his dotage) and Yeltsin, who was corrupt but nevertheless was pro-democracy and pro-west.

Zhirinovsky’s role is to express in public the type of opinions routinely expressed by Putin in private.

The following is a compilation of some of the things that Zhirininovsky has said over the years. It is important to note that he, along with that other imperialist nazi, Alexandr Dugin, is held in great respect in this benighted land and when interviewed on the hellish alternate reality that is Russian TV, is allowed freely to express his opinions whilst his interviewers listen in admiration and awe.

In reaction to U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice‘s criticism of Russian foreign policy, Zhirinovsky stated, “Condoleezza Rice needs a company of soldiers and needs to be taken to barracks where she would be satisfied.”

Zhirinovsky calls Condoleezza Rice: “a black whore who needs a good cock. Send her here, one of our divisions will make her happy in the barracks one night. She will choke on Russian sperm as it will be leaking out of her ears … until she crawls to the US embassy in Moscow on her knees.”

In a 2003 video, a drunken Zhirinovsky threatened George W. Bush in offensive language. He called the United States a “second-hand goods store” filled with “cocksuckers, handjobbers, and faggots”, and claimed that Russian scientists are able to change the gravitational field of the Earth and sink the entire country.

At a press conference, when asked whether Russians should reciprocate a Ukrainian sex strike, he replied that all Ukrainian women were “nymphomaniacs” like the journalist who had asked the question, Stella Dubovitskaya. He then ordered two of his aides to “violently rape” the journalist for Rossiya Segodnya, who had to be briefly hospitalised for shock.

On 25 July 2014, amidst an armed insurgency in Eastern Ukraine, the Ukrainian Interior Ministry launched criminal proceedings against Zhirinovsky and Communist Party of the Russian Federation leader Gennady Zyuganov for “financing actions aimed at changing the boundaries of the territory and the state border of Ukraine”.

On 10 August 2014, Zhirinovsky threatened Poland and the Baltic states with carpet bombing, dooming and wiping out all of them.

“Nothing threatens America, it’s far away. But Eastern Europe countries will place themselves under the threat of total annihilation. Only they themselves will be to blame. Because we cannot allow missiles and planes to be aimed at Russia from their territories. We have to destroy them half an hour before they launch. And then we have to do carpet bombing so that not a single launch pad remains or even one plane. So – no Baltics, no Poland. Let NATO immediately ask for negotiations with our Foreign Ministry. Then we’ll stop. Otherwise well have to teach them the lessons of May 1945.”

In May 2015 he stated that former President of Georgia, and then governor of the Ukrainian city of Odessa, Mikheil Saakashvili, should be killed. “We will shoot all of your governors, starting with Saakashvili, then they’ll be afraid. And there will be a different situation in Europe and Ukraine. … Let’s aim at Berlin, Brussels, London, and Washington.” He then said Ukrainian political prisoner Nadiya Savchenko should be shot and hanged in Belgrade.

In February 2010 Zhirinovsky claimed that Eastern Ukraine would become part of Russia “in five years” claiming that “the population is largely Russian” and called President-elect of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych “basically Russian” (Yanukovych’s father was an ethnic Polish-Belarusian, and his mother Russian).

Zhirinovsky is well known for his boasts pertaining to other countries, having expressed a desire to reunite countries of the ex-Soviet “near abroad” with Russia to within the Russia’s borders of 1900 (including Finland and Poland). He has advocated forcibly retaking Alaska from the United States (which would then become “a great place to put the Ukrainians“), turning Kazakhstan into “Russia’s back yard”.

Zhirinovsky blames Russia’s struggles on various sources, scapegoating the peoples of the Caucasus, Jews, neighboring nations, and the West.

In February 2018 Zhirinovsky proposed deploying a nuclear bomb in Ukraine in order to kill Petro Poroshenko remarking that Russia should drop, “a tiny bomb. Not a big Hiroshima, but a small one. Right there where the residence of Ukrainian President Poroshenko is.”

During the 2016 US presidential election, Zhirinovsky actively supported then-candidate Donald Trump.

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  • I have a theory that Zhirinovsky called for these protests to get people on the streets, giving the security services plenty of time to identify the enemies of the state, and arrest them. He is one evil bastard, and works hand in glove with Putin.

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