Stoltenberg spoke about the creation of a “global NATO”

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has advocated for a “ global NATO.”

According to him, in particular, political cooperation of the countries of the North Atlantic Alliance with their partners, such as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Japan, relates to him, DW reports .

“ NATO is not only a military alliance, but primarily a political alliance,” Stoltenberg emphasized in an interview with Redaktionsnetzwerk Deutschland.Read also:  NATO worries about China’s cooperation with Russia – Stoltenberg

He also advocated that, in the current conditions, changes in the balance of power in the world of NATO countries ensure leadership in technological progress.

In addition, Stoltenberg called one of the most important tasks in subsequent years the counteraction to the threat of a new arms race in the world.

According to him, a new form of arms control is needed.

“ We cannot, as before, only engage in counting warheads. We are talking about new technologies, and new types of their combination, in the end we are talking about algorithms, and not least – about artificial intelligence, ”said Stoltenberg.

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  • Good idea, and remove the lame ducks at the same time. Hungary, Germany, Italy etc.

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  • The guy is a Marxist and full of shit. Nato lost all credibility when it hired this muppet.
    Time for a new military, trade and intel sharing bloc consisting of the Five Eyes, plus Poland, Ukraine, Pribaltika, Georgia, S Korea, Japan, plus any other like-minded country willing to fight Russia.


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