Stepanov: Salary of doctors in Ukraine should be at level of $700-800

According to Minister, salary increase for medical workers next year will be laid down in the tariffs for medical services12:00, 12 July 2020Ukraine’s Healthcare Minister Maksym

The Minister of Health of Ukraine Maksym Stepanov considers the current level of salaries of doctors unacceptable – doctors should receive at least $700-800 per month. He stated this on the political talk show “Voice of the People”, the press service of the Ministry of Health reported on Facebook.

“I believe that the minimum wage for a doctor should start from $700-800 if we want to have professional doctors with decent working conditions, from whom we will be required to treat us well,” Stepanov said.

The Minister recalled that from September 1 of this year, an increase in the salary of doctors by about $140 is provided, although this, in his opinion, is also not enough.

Next year, according to Stepanov, the increase in salaries for medical workers will be laid down in the tariffs for medical services.

As we reported before, AstraZeneca announced plans to make a vaccine against coronavirus.

Minister noted that an alliance was created between four countries (Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands) and the vaccines were pre-ordered.

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