Peaceful protest in Belgrade escalated into mass brawl: 71 people detained

Among the detainees are the pro-Russian far-right politician Srjan Nogo, as well as citizens of Montenegro, Bosnia, Great Britain and Tunisia

After mass fights on the fourth night of an anti-government protest in the capital of Serbia, Belgrade, police detained 71 people, as the Associated press reports.

Police director Vladimir Rebic said that hundreds of right-wing demonstrators tried to storm the parliament building in central Belgrade on Saturday evening, street riots began. Protesters, ignoring the anti-virus ban on rallies, threw into the police, which guarded the parliament building, bottles, stones and fires. 14 policemen were injured. Law enforcement officers used tear gas to disperse an angry crowd.

Also, many demonstrators and several journalists were injured.

Serbian media reported that among the detainees was a former member of parliament and one of the leaders of radical protesters, the pro-Russian far-right politician Srjan Nogo.

According to Rebic, there are foreign citizens among the detainees, including citizens of Montenegro, Bosnia, Great Britain and Tunisia.

President Alexander Vucic claimed that unknown foreign services participated in the riots.

Police are studying the “foreign element in the radicalization of protests.”

Protests first began earlier this week, when President Alexander Vučić announced strict weekend curfews to prevent new cases of coronavirus in the country.

In addition, the authorities banned the holding of meetings of more than 10 people in Belgrade and reduced the working hours of enterprises working indoors.

The country has officially registered more than 18 thousand patients with coronavirus and 382 deaths. Health authorities have warned that Serb hospitals are nearly full due to a recent surge in incidence.

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