Twitter Blocks InformNapalm

Russia is actively using “troll factories” to silence the voice of any effective initiatives to counter Russian disinformation on social networks. On July 4, all pages of the language versions of the InformNapalm international volunteer community site were blocked on Twitter at the same time , including a multilingual page that has been running since 2014 and has 13.5 thousand readers, including international organizations, foreign experts, journalists and politicians. The massive attack took place exactly a week after InformNapalm volunteers wrote detailed comments on Twitter under a   manipulative English-language post from the Russian Foreign Ministry., in which it was alleged that the supply of American anti-tank missile systems Javelin to Ukraine will not contribute to peace in Donbass.

In comments under this post, InformNapalm volunteers provided dozens of English-language links to databases, photos and video testimonies on the detection of Russian tanks and other weapons and equipment in the Donbass, and the identification of entire units of the Russian Armed Forces active in the war against Ukraine. Despite the appeal of InformNapalm volunteers to the Twitter support service and numerous open appeals on Twitter from diplomats and foreign experts, as of July 9, the accounts were not unblocked.

(c) Tyzhden


  • Is Twitter another organisation stuck in Putin’s rear end?

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  • Inform Napalm is a brilliant organization.
    It would appear that the sewer site Twitter has been infiltrated by putinazi scum.

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  • англійський масон

    Quora is full of moskali trolls as well, you have to disguise what you say, anything truthful about the situation in occupied lands or the shithole itself gets jumped on by a band of moskali puppets.

    Thinly veiled anti Ukrainian propaganda is asked as questions, such as ‘why did Crimea vote to go to russia?’ etc.

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    • onlyfactsplease

      That’s right. Here, on Quora, you can see more than enough Russian filth giving their two-lying cents worth over the question: Is Crimea a part of mafia land (Russia)?

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      • In the midst of the multiple hideous kremtroll puke posts, was someone called Francis Marsden, a priest, who gave a coherent and accurate explanation of why it is not and never was Russian.
        So good is it that I copied it. Ans to ‘is Crimea Russian?’ :

        No. Historically it was part of the ancient Greek lands around the Black Sea – hence place names such as Khersones, Sevastopol and Mariupol. Away from the Greek coastal colonies it was populated by the Iron Age Taurians and Scythians.

        It then became part of the Roman Empire. After them it was invaded by Goths, Huns, Bulgars and Khazars.

        Eastern Crimea was then conquered by Prince Svyatoslav of Kyivan Rus’ around 950, and Volodymyr Velikiy captured Khersonesos in 988. The Byzantine Empire occupied much of Crimea;s southern coast.

        The Mongol hordes swept into Crimea in 1238. Kyiv fell in 1240. The peninsula came under the Turko-Mongol Golden Horde from 1240–1441. The Byzantines and the Genoese held on to certain coastal cities and ports.

        From 1441–1783 the Crimean Tatars had their own independent Khanate. The Ottoman Empire held a strip of the south coast. There were a number of Cossack incursions by the Zaporizhzhian Sich.

        Moscow gained control of Crimea in 1783 when it annexed the peninsula, and held it until 1917. Then it became a stronghold of the anti-Bolshevik White army. By Autumn 1921 the Whites had been defeated, and Crimea was incorporated into the USSR as an autonomous republic within the Russian Federation.

        Occupied by the Germans from 1941–44, Khrushchev transferred Crimea to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic in 1954, possibly a small compensation for the five million or more Ukrainians starved to death by Stalin in the 1932–34 holodomor.

        Consequently in 1991 Crimea became an autonomous region within independent Ukraine, where it still legally belongs, despite the current Russian occupation in defiance of all international law.

        Historically Crimea was ruled by Kyiv for about 275 years, plus 37 more in the Ukrainian SSR, and by St Petersburg/Moscow for 154 years. For 540 years it was under the Golden Horde or the Crimean Tatar Khanate.

        So Moscow’s claim on Crimea is very weak indeed.’

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