Pro-Russian media spread fakes about Ukraine’s involvement in protests in Serbia – embassy

The Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia called on the media not to disseminate such information.

Russian and pro-Russian media are spreading fakes about Ukrainians’ participation in protests against quarantine restrictions that have engulfed the Serbian capital in recent days. This is stated on the official  website of the Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia.

“These days, Russian and pro-Russian information resources in the information space of Serbia are spreading information about the alleged” Ukrainian scenario “and the involvement of Ukrainians in the events in Serbia. In this regard, the Embassy of Ukraine in Serbia officially declares that the state of Ukraine in no way interferes in the domestic political situation in the Republic of Serbia , “the statement reads.

At the same time, the Embassy of Ukraine has no information about the participation of Ukrainian citizens in the recent events in Serbia.

“The Embassy of Ukraine has the honor to address the media in Serbia with an invitation not to disseminate false information about Ukraine and the citizens of Ukraine regarding the situation in Serbia, ” the embassy said.

According to Babel , earlier the Serbian newspaper Alo published an article “Mercenaries from Ukraine destroyed Belgrade! A new revelation about the destructive protests of demonstrators. ” The publication said that the protests in Belgrade were allegedly attended by mercenaries of the American private military company Blackwater, citizens of Serbia, who had previously participated in the war in Donbass against Russians and separatists.

The information was then disseminated by Russian publications. 

The protests in Serbia began after the decision to impose a curfew due to the deteriorating epidemiological situation. Thousands took to the streets of Belgrade, demanding the president’s resignation and trying to enter parliament, after which the police intervened.



    • The comments on RT were so funny. Of course the usual culprits are to blame. Soros, the CIA, blah, blah, blah. The first prize went to an idiot claiming Vucic is a NATO puppet. LMAO

      • 55 Savushkina is so obvious nowadays. Now even the rookies try to play with the big boys. Everybody is a puppet except those that will do or say anything they are told for $5 a day LMAO!

  1. Pathethic attempt by Russian puppets to smear Ukraine any way they can. Never mind that Putin asslicker dropped the quarantine so he could hold elections, then reintroduce them, once he got re-elected.

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