Russia demands changes to bill on special status for Donbas – Kazansky

The Russian side in the Trilateral Contact Group for the Peaceful Settlement of the Situation in Donetsk and Luhansk Regions (TCG) is delaying the negotiation process and demanding that the preamble be removed from the bill on a special status for Donbas, a member of the Ukrainian delegation to the TCG, journalist Denys Kazansky, has said.

“During the discussion of the law on the special status of Donbas, it was again impossible to reach a consensus with the Russian side even on the preamble, not to mention other principled articles on which it is hardly possible to reach an agreement. […] The Russians demand that the preamble be reduced and that a mention of the return and reintegration of IDPs be removed from it,” he wrote on his Facebook page on Thursday, July 9.

According to him, the Russian side demands that a specific fragment be removed from the document: “In order to create conditions for the speedy normalization of the situation, the restoration of law and order, constitutional rights and freedoms of citizens, as well as the rights and legitimate interests of legal entities, the creation of conditions for bringing residents back to the places of permanent residence that they were forced to leave, their reintegration, as well as for the restoration of life in settlements in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and the development of territories.”

“That is, Russia and its militants almost directly demand the deletion of 1.5 million people who left [Donbas]. It is clear why they do so. They are afraid of our very existence, because we spoil their propaganda picture. They are afraid of the return of pro-Ukrainian population that did not recognize any ‘LPR/DPR’ from the very beginning,” the journalist said.

Kazansky also said that he had proposed adding an additional article to the law on compensation for IDPs who lost their property and housing in occupied Donbas: “Of course, those who participated in these seizures and did damage to law-abiding citizens have to pay this [compensation]. We will discuss this issue in the near future.”

In addition, he said it became obvious after several TCG meetings that “it is the Russian side that is slowing down and driving this process into a dead end.”

“Russia and its satellites do not accept and block virtually all proposals put forward by Ukraine,” he added.

A regular meeting of the Trilateral Contact Group (Ukraine, Russia, the OSCE) took place on July 8. It was typically held via video conference.

(c) Ukrinform


  • For a country that claims not to be involved in Donbas, they sure make a lot of demands.

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    • I still think Ukraine should begin “talks” about returning the Crimea instead of the Donbas. I believe the legal foundation for the Crimea is stronger. I’ve always believed the invasion of the Donbas was just a distraction and the ruSSo-invaders have said that Maidan broke Budapest….which is ridiculous…so there’s the legal foundation.

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      • Time to keep bringing up Budapest, and ditch the useless Minsk agreement.

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        • Yes, and after Brexit there can’t be any excuses. That should be the main reason for serious sanctions. The Moskali argument is weak and juvenile.

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          • They have the bat virus as an excuse now. There’s always an excuse for countries not willing to stand up to Russian trash.

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            • And since Obama and Cameron did nothing, the current leaders have political cover. You’re right though, it needs to be spoken about and kept on the front burner.

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              • The US have bat virus, and the election coming up, so Ukraine will hardly be top of the agenda. The way Zelensky is going, the West will drop Ukraine like a hot potato given half a chance.

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                • The wonderful British have a good opportunity now to set the European agenda now that the lead chains are off. They could breathe new life into Budapest and I hope they will.
                  In the US, the Republicans are usually up for selling weapons to any friends. The Democrats not so much. Maybe solar panels but not weapons. But now they think its an opportunity to pressure Trump into hurting Russia by arming Ukraine. I think Ukraine is still quite alive on the agenda. As for Trump, he seems willing to sell American weapons to friends too. And gas 🙂
                  Zelensky needs to go visit the White House, it might be the best reality check for him and his country.

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