Zelensky declares sale of property for almost UAH 13.5 mln

Zelensky declares sale of property for almost UAH 13.5 mln

08.07.2020 16:10

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has declared about UAH 13.47 million as income received from the sale of real estate, according to his asset declaration on significant changes in property status published in the register of electronic declarations on the website of Ukraine’s National Agency on Corruption Prevention.

According to the released data, on July 2, the head of state received UAH 12.114 million as of income from the sale of real estate.

In addition, Zelensky received UAH 1.356 million from the sale of a plot of land.

The buyer of the property is Valentyna Kisiel.

Zelensky earlier informed the NACP about his violation of the law.

The President’s Office reported that in 2019, the president’s family received funds in order to repay the value of domestic government bonds, worth UAH 5.1 million, and spent UAH 5.2 million on the purchase of domestic government bonds. Accordingly, the value of these bonds exceeded 50 living wages.

The President’s Office said that according to the law, Zelensky should have submitted information to the register of income declarations regarding significant changes in his property status within ten days from the time of purchase and sale of domestic government bonds. However, the register did not receive such information.



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