Ukrainian tourists allowed to enter Montenegro without COVID-19 testing


The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro has put Ukraine on “green list” of countries. From now on, Ukrainian tourists will not have to undergo COVID-19 testing before the trip.

This is evidenced by an updated list of countries published on the website of the Institute of Public Health of Montenegro.

Ukraine is now listed as “a country from which it is possible to enter Montenegro without additional restrictions related to COVID-19.”

This information was officially confirmed by the Embassy of Ukraine in Montenegro: “The Institute of Public Health of Montenegro has put Ukraine on the “green list” of countries which means there are no testing requirements. Congratulations.”

At the same time, Ukraine put Montenegro on the “red list.” Upon the return from Montenegro to Ukraine, it is necessary to undergo quarantine or get tested for coronavirus infection.

Recently, the epidemiological situation in Montenegro has deteriorated. In late May and early June, the country announced the end of the epidemic and declared itself “coronavirus free.” Since then, more than 500 new cases have been registered.

On July 7, the quarantine was tightened in Montenegro – the opening hours of restaurants were limited and kindergartens were closed. Tougher restrictions have been imposed in some municipalities.

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