Russian Independent Magazine Editor Detained after Police Raid

Taisia Bekbulatova.Facebook.

A prominent Russian journalist and chief editor of the independent news magazine Holod Media has been detained after authorities searched her apartment in Moscow, human rights lawyer Pavel Chikov said Tuesday. 

Earlier in the day, authorities in Moscow detained the adviser to Russia’s space chief and former Kommersant and Vedomosti journalist Ivan Safronov on suspicion of state treason.

Chikov said that authorities had taken in Bekbulatova in for questioning as a witness in Safronov’s treason case

Bekbulatova was previously employed at Kommersant. 

If convicted, Safronov could be imprisoned for up to 20 years.



  1. Raid under way to arrest the last few independent journalists. The new Constitution works.

  2. How unlucky for this brave woman to have to live under a putrid regime that is nazi in all but name.

  3. I’m waiting for the ECHR to remove Russia from the organisation, and PACE likewise after ashamedly readmitting them. Silly me, I forgot these corrupt politicians have no shame.

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