Eleven civilians killed in Donbas since beginning of 2020


From the beginning of 2020, eleven civilians were killed in Donbas in the result of the shell attacks committed by the Russia-led armed groups, Verkhovna Rada Commissioner for Human Rights Liudmyla Denisova said.

“Today, as a result of shelling committed by illegal armed groups, a female resident of Zaitseve of Donetsk region died. During the shelling, the deceased was in the yard. (…) Since the beginning of 2020, this is the eleventh victim of shelling among the civilian population. Since the beginning of Russian aggression in the east of the country, we lost more than 13,000 citizens,” Denisova wrote on Facebook on Friday.

The ombudsperson emphasized that the Russian Federation continued to violate the Minsk agreements, demonstrated to the world its aggressive occupation policy and unwillingness to cease fire in the east of Ukraine, which is why civilians continue to die.

Denisova also called on representatives of international humanitarian missions and human rights organizations to strongly condemn the actions of the aggressor and join forces to force the Russian Federation to comply with IV Geneva Convention for the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

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  1. Thanks to our brave defenders the zombies were able to murder ONLY 11 civilians. Still 11 is too much. Hopefully Nato will soon have a real leader instead of a KGB mole…

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