A new road will be built in Odessa port

The State Highway Agency of Ukraine is going to build a new road that will connect the Odessa Sea Port with the M-28 Odessa-Yuzhny highway. This was reported on the official website of Ukravtodor.

On July 6, Odessa hosted a meeting on unloading the network of local roads in Odessa and providing transport links to the Odessa Commercial Sea Port. The discussion was attended by representatives of local authorities, the leadership of Ukravtodor and the State Enterprise “Administration of the Sea Ports of Ukraine” (AMPU).

The existing network of Odessa city roads does not provide for heavy traffic, which makes it very difficult, and in some cases makes traffic impossible. The meeting discussed the concept of building a highway from the V line of the flyover of the Odessa branch of SE “AMPU” to the public highway of national importance M-28 Odessa-Yuzhny and the accumulative platform for heavy vehicles in the Suvorov district of Odessa.
“During the president’s visit, we talked about the need to build a new road to the Odessa Commercial Sea Port. Today we managed to clarify all the details and actually launch a new project – the construction of a new road for better connection with seaports, unloading the city. I hope that together with the Odessa City Council we will quickly overcome all bureaucratic obstacles and begin construction work faster, ”stressed the chairman of Ukravtodor Alexander Kubrakov.

Construction of the road will require the allocation of about 20 hectares of city land. The length of the road is 4.3 km. The preliminary project also includes the connection of the existing flyover with the road, an accumulation platform for transport sediment, and a weighing platform in motion (WiM).
The State Agency of Motor Roads of Ukraine in 2020-2021 plans to completely upgrade the highway M-05 Kiev-Odessa.
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Service of highways in Odessa region will act as the customer on the project of work on Construction of the public highway of state value “Access to the Odessa sea trade time”

Today there is a need of construction of the separate departmental highway which will connect the territory of the Odessa sea trade port (overpass) and the M-28 Odessa-Yuzhny highway (bypass of Odessa) isolated from other vehicles.
Currently, the movement of heavy transport is carried out by the network of city roads of Odessa. This situation makes it very difficult, and in some cases impossible, for cars and passenger vehicles.
The construction of the road requires the allocation of about 20 hectares of land. The length of the road will be 4.3 km. The previous project includes a storage area for heavy vehicles and a weigh-in-motion (WiM) area.

Today we have developments in the form of pre-project solutions, which were developed at the request of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, which will be taken as the basis for the development of the project itself.
Step-by-step tasks:


 allocation of land plots by the Odessa City Council for road construction.


 announcement of tender procurements for design works on construction of a new road.


 passing the project examination.


 announcement of tender purchases for construction works. Definition of the contractor.


 start road construction work as soon as possible.
Ps Pre-design solution. The future road is highlighted in purple.


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