Explore Ukraine: Summer getaways just 1 hour away

People explore the “flooded church” in Rzhyshchiv, a small town located some 77 kilometers south of the capital, in August 2016. The “flooded church” is a top summer getaway located not far from KyivPhoto by Andriy Tychyna/navkoloua.com

With its boundless energy, Kyiv offers numerous great attractions to enjoy the summer. The city’s beaches and parks, a variety of restaurants and bars for all tastes and budgets, museums and art galleries are all unsurpassed.

But sometimes, one needs a change of scenery.

Luckily, there is no need to travel far from the capital to find mountains, hills, deep lakes and rivers, mysterious churches and historical sights.

About an hour drive trip for Kyiv can take one to the natural and architectural wonders of Ukraine.

Here is the Kyiv Post list of great places to visit not far from the capital. Plan the trip for the upcoming weekend and enjoy the summer to the fullest.

Glider Mountain

One can find a perfect summer getaway — Planerna Hora (the Glider mountain in English) — in less than 40-minute drive from Kyiv’s downtown.

As the name of the mountain hints, it is a beloved place for the fans of paragliding — an adventure sport where a person glides through the air using lightweight, foot-launched glider aircraft.

However, this place is not just about paragliding. The mountain offers a great view of Kyiv and is a perfect spot for a romantic picnic. It is also a great place for hiking.

Also, many people often visit the Glider mountain to take beautiful pictures and enjoy the amazing sunset over Kyiv.

How to get there: Take the H01 to Khodosivka village, then take the ramp to the side of Krenychi village. The mountain is about one kilometer west from the highway.

Children explore the area near a lake in Zabirya, a small village located not far from Kyiv.  (Oleg Petrasiuk)

Zabirya village

Looking for a picturesque but quiet place to escape the summer heat near Kyiv? Zabirya village fits the bill perfectly.

Located some 35 kilometers west from Kyiv, Zabirya is a small village situated in 1570. It is known for its magnificent scenery and a beautiful lake with clear blue water.

The lake is surrounded by tall pine trees and offers a perfect getaway from the city fuss. There are many nice spots for picnics and even some wooden arbors on the lake’s bank.

Swimming is also allowed there, so one can enjoy the chilling waters of the deep lake not far from the capital.

How to get there: Take E95 to Zabirya village. The trip to Zabirya takes some 50 minutes from Kyiv’s center.

Ukrainian village

Those willing to explore vibrant Ukrainian culture can visit the ethnographic complex “Ukrainian village,” located some 40 minutes drive from Kyiv’s downtown.

Since a major part of Ukrainian history was village life, this outdoor complex gives its visitors a chance to experience the real Ukrainian peasant life.

The complex includes a museum with ancient Ukrainian houses from different parts of the country. Visitors can not only view the houses from the outside but also enter and examine the interiors. All of the houses are fully furnished and offer an understanding of what everyday life was like for Ukrainian peasants and what traditions they followed.

But besides exploring the history of Ukraine, this place also gives a chance to enjoy the country’s traditional food. There is a restaurant offering savory Ukrainian borsch, varenyky, banosh, and more.

The place is surrounded by greenery and tall trees reaching towards the sky and is a perfect place to escape the city fuss and summer heat.

The place works every day, from 10 a. m. — 9 p. m. Entrance is Hr 60 for adults, Hr 50 for children. There are also English-language tours around the museum for Hr 960 for groups of six people.

How to get there: Take the E40 and M16 to Buzova village, pass Hyrivshuna village and turn right to Mykolaivka village. The Ukrainian village is located some 1,5 kilometers from the highway.

Sailing yachts steer through the waterways of Kyiv Reservoir, or the so-called Kyiv Sea, a large water reservoir that stretches for 110 kilometers along the Dnipro River. Kyiv Sea is a great summer getaway located one-hour-drive from the capital (Oleg Petrasiuk)

Kyiv Sea

A rest at the seaside is a great idea for a summer getaway. But there is no need to travel far to enjoy the fresh sea breeze or magnificent seascapes. Kyiv has it all.

One-hour-drive north from the capital will take one to the Kyiv Reservoir, or the so-called Kyiv Sea.

It is a large water reservoir that stretches for 110 kilometers along the Dnipro River and has a total area of 922 square kilometers. The banks of the Dnipro River are not visible there, due to the reservoir’s size. Therefore locals refer to it as the Kyiv Sea.

There are many great beaches at the banks of the Kyiv Sea. Liutizh village, for instance, offers a nice beach surrounded by the green forest. However, this beach might be too crowded on the weekends, since it is located close to Kyiv and it is easy to get there.

Another option is a getaway at Hlibovka village, some 20 kilometers north from Liutizh. There, one can find perfect spots for summer picnics at the reservoir’s bank.

There are also hotels for those willing to stay overnight. Another option is camping, for those willing to enjoy nature to the fullest and see the beautiful sunset or dawn over the Kyiv Sea.

How to get there: Take P02 and P69 to get to Liutizh. To get to Hlibovka first take P02 and P69, then change to T1002 to Dymer village. Hlibovka is located in about five kilometers south-north from Dymer.A man steers a boat through the waterways near the “flooded church” in Rzhyshchiv, a small town near Kyiv.
Photo by Andriy Tychyna/navkoloua.comThe “flooded church” is located in Rzhyshchiv, some 77 kilometers south of the capital. It was built in the 19th century but after the creation of the Kaniv Reservoir, the church was eventually left isolated on a small island.
Photo by Andriy Tychyna/navkoloua.com

Flooded church in Rzhyshchiv

There is a beautiful but mysterious attraction in a small town near Kyiv — the “flooded church.”

The church is located in Rzhyshchiv, some 77 kilometers south of the capital. It was built in the 19th century but after the creation of the Kaniv Reservoir, the church was eventually left isolated on a small island.

Initially, the church was built on a hill. Therefore, it wasn’t flooded completely under the reservoir’s waters. Now, however, since the level of water in the reservoir has fallen, the church has ended up on a small island in the river.

Although, there is a bridge to the island where the church is located from the left bank of the Dnipro, getting there from Rzhyshchiv requires a trip in a small boat.

Locals, however, can share many mysterious legends that the church is haunted by ghosts.

Still, despite all the mysteries, the “flooded church” has become a beloved spot for many photographers and travelers, who come to Rzhyshchiv to enjoy the unique attraction surrounded by the picturesque scenery.

How to get there: Take the E40, P01, H01 and P19 to Trypillia, then follow the P19 east to Khalepia, and then south-east for about 20 kilometers, passing through Staiky and Hrebeni, to Rzhyshchiv.

Korostyshiv Quarry

The flooded granite quarry not far from Kyiv is a hidden gem worth visiting this summer.

There are two quarries with breathtaking views located in Korostyshiv, a town in Zhytomyr Oblast, some 100 kilometers north from Kyiv. Both quarries are situated not far from each other and are easy to find.

Locals often refer to the place as the “canyon of Korostyshiv” and the reason is clear: Surrounded by the pine forest, the rocky shores of the quarry stretch up to 10 meters high, reminding of picturesque canyons.

It is a popular place among rock climbers, fans of diving, and hiking. Travelers can also have summer picnics here or simply walk along the bank of the quarry, enjoying the fresh air and beautiful views.

Even though the trip to Korostyshiv will take a bit more than one hour, it’s still worth going there. With its picturesque landscapes, clean water, and breathtaking views, the Korostyshiv quarry is a perfect getaway this summer.

How to get there: Take E40 and M06 in direction to Zhytomyr. Then change to T0602 and head to Korostyshiv. Find the turn to the forest on the left, in nearly two minutes head to the quarry.

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