Russia demands that Kyiv show changes to Ukrainian Constitution on Donbas special status (WITHIN 48 HOURS)

At the Normandy talks, Russia insists on adopting a legal definition of the status of the Donbas and wants to see the draft amendment to the Constitution of Ukraine, reports the German publication Der Spiegel, citing unofficial working documents of the Russian delegation.

According to the documents, the Russian side demands that Ukraine submit a draft amendment to the Constitution by July 6. It must determine the status of the so-called Luhansk and Donetsk People’s Republics in the state structure of Ukraine.

Russia also demands that Kyiv step up its efforts to implement the Steinmeier formula. The formula stipulates that the areas controlled by pro-Russian militants in the Donbas will automatically receive special status after the OSCE recognizes local elections as free and fair.

The document also says that Ukraine should “without additional conditions” by July 6 to draw up a list of prisoners, which the separatists must give back to the Ukrainian side. The separatists will also present a list of prisoners.

Dmitry Kozak, deputy head of the Russian presidential administration, said that Russia requires that Ukraine fulfills these conditions not until July 6, but “in the near future.” He said that Moscow “is committed to encouraging all necessary decisions of a political peace settlement.”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky decided not to comment on the meeting of presidential advisers of the Normandy format on the settlement in the Donbas.

“No one can demand anything from Ukraine. We are an independent country. We all need to work on rhetoric. As for the meeting, I will tell you frankly: I am not ready to speak yet. The meeting was very good. It was focused. There is nothing more to comment on,” the Ukrainian President said.

The Head of the Ukrainian Presidential Administration Andrii Yermak, who was present at the meeting on July 3 in Berlin, also did not talk about the results of the 11-hour talks. He said the meeting brought the forthcoming summit in Berlin closer.

The participants of the meeting agreed that every effort should be made to fully implement the decisions of the Paris summit of leaders of the Normandy format. In particular, the parties agreed on the need for real measures to ensure a full and comprehensive ceasefire.

The Russian side took a pause to prepare a response to the consolidated position of Ukraine, France and Germany.

At the end of March, Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister for the reintegration of temporarily occupied territories Oleksii Reznikov said that Ukraine is not going to introduce into the Constitution the special status of the captured territories of the Donbas, although, at the Trilateral Contact Group, Russia is constantly trying to raise this issue.

In June, the Ukrainian President’s Office drafted a new bill on the “special status” of “the temporarily occupied territories of the Donbas”, incorporating the “Steinmeier formula” into it.

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  1. Ukraine demands all vermin to return to their hovels in Russia, so Ukraine can fumigate the place first.

  2. Anything with the words ‘Steinmeier’ or ‘Minsk’ on it is a complete sack of shit. The only legitimate demands are for the occupier to cease from murdering Ukrainians and leave the occupied territories immediately.
    It was a really terrible decision to allow putler lackeys France and Germany anywhere near the ‘negotiations’ in the first place.
    Ukraine should already have known this: putler jackboot licker Sarkozy was allowed to ‘negotiate’ peace in Georgia after the putlerstanis invaded. Result was a surrender of 20% of beautiful Georgian land to filthy, degenerate savages.

    • I get a feeling that Russia can’t afford to prop up Donbas anymore. Being involved in Ukraine, Syria and Libya has overstretched them. Ukraine should give the finger to Russia and just sit tight. The longer Ukraine drag this out, they are foiling the Tsar’s plans to rebuild the Russian empire. I’m just worried Zelensky will sign anything to get a peace deal, despite his denials.

      • I hope you are right F1. Problem is that Russia still has vast resources, including a wealth fund. They can continue their present evil activities indefinitely. Ukraine will have to take back that land by force, unless the Budapest signatories finally agree to honour their obligations. If the latter seems a distant dream, then the former is even more so, since it would take at least ten years of investment in the armed forces, as well as tactical nukes, to achieve such an objective.

        • I’m always sceptical about Russian claims about these welfare funds. We only have their figures to go off, and if Russia had so much money stashed away, I doubt they would be trying every trick in the book to get these miniscule sanctions lifted. Maybe it’s optimism on my part, but if Russia are in so much of a hurry for Ukraine to sign this one sided deal, there must be a reason behind it.

  3. Bah! Now that everything is looted and destroyed they want to push these shitholes on Ukraine to let her pay the bills while Kyiv has little to nothing to say there and pro-ruskie voters will bring Pro Life to power next election. I say let Ivan keep the shitholes and build a wall around it!

    • That’s a surrender. A bit like a man whose wife has been raped and beaten by savages saying he doesn’t want her any more; they can keep her.

      • In this chess game there is no surrender. Only smart moves and foolish moves. The wife is brainwashed now, and may cut our dicks off while we are asleep…

          • You call these shitholes a reward? Maybe Crimea, but not Donbas. Your position honors you, but it’s not mine no more. You may remember how heavily i fought with Walter Urban about a possible territorial surrender. Things changed. Britain also had to surrender Hong Kong, and that is not quite a shithole (yet). Keeping ruSSian trash out is what Ukraine needs in my opinion.

            • Removing Russian trash from the government controlled part of Ukraine will be a good start.

              • That’s what i mean. If now already 50% of the UA media is on a Moscow payroll, and Ze and Boyko way ahead in the polls, what will the situation be like after Donbas is returned? And if Kyiv does anything in Donbas not to shorty’s liking, the war can restart anytime.

            • Britain did not surrender HK. It honored the terms of the lease and left as per contract. What it did do on top of that was negotiate a second agreement with the chicoms for the HK people to carry on living their lives on the British democratic model. The chicoms honoured that until now. In response, as a nation of integrity, Britain has offered to take 3 million HK Chinese without conditions. These will be people who are economically productive who are pro-Britain, so it’s not as disastrous as it seems.
              What the putlerstanis should do is take all Ukrainians who identify as Russian or pro-roosky mir and keep them in the RF. Good result all round.

  4. Isn’t is strange that Mordor which accusses other countries of meddling in its domestic affairs, is so eager to put its ugly nose in Ukraine’s affairs


  6. If I had any say in Ukraine I would stop all negotiations with mafia land immediately. Whatever outcome the many talks will have – Minsk, Normandy, Berlin, Paris – it will be a useless piece of paper as with all agreements with the crime syndicate. If the frogs and the krauts are involved, it will be that much worse for Ukraine. Ukraine can’t afford to reintegrate the occupied part of Donbass at the moment and it would have within its orbit a large number of brainwashed Ruskie asswipes. And, the region has already been robbed, raped and stripped of any useful things.
    Thus, I say let mafia nad slowly choke on the area. They can’t support it indefinitely. Times are changing. Economies are drying up. So is mafia land’s. Time is on Ukraine’s side.

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