U.S. General Hodges: Ukraine Syria and Libya are one theater of war for Russia

Russia could provoke another migration crisis in Europe – about a million refugees can be transferred from Libya to the European continent, said in an interview with the Ukrainian news outlet LB.ua Lieutenant General, former commander of the U.S. Armed Forces in Europe Ben Hodges.

“If we do nothing to disrupt or limit their actions in Libya, we will get an additional million refugees from Libya to Europe. Just as we received more than three million refugees from Syria in Turkey and in European countries. It wasn’t an accident, it was all meant to be. We call this phenomenon the “weapon of mass migration.” After all, it has a destabilizing effect on the EU, on the relations between European countries. And I expect that Russia will continue to use this factor,” the general said.

At the same time, he noted that Ukraine, Syria, Libya are one theater of war for Russia. According to him, Russia’s aggression in Libya was made possible only after Russia captured Crimea in 2014.

“I believe that now the Kremlin’s attention is focused on the Black Sea and the eastern Mediterranean, Libya and Syria. All this is one theater of war. It’s all interconnected. What the Russians are doing in Libya is made possible by their actions in Syria, thanks to the presence of a naval and air base. And this would not have happened without a starting point [Crimea] in the Black Sea,” Hodges explained.

The general is confident that with the connivance of the West, Moscow will continue to support General Haftar, as well as put pressure on European oil companies in Libya.

Hodges admits that in September Russia can seize the dam in Kherson to unblock the water flow to Crimea. According to him, the peninsula is very important for Moscow, because it is from the ports of the annexed Crimea that Russian ships are sent in support of criminal regimes in Syria and Libya.

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  1. Who is going to step up to the plate and stop the little bastard? So far not one leader in the West has done anything tougher than come out with a few condemnations, and slapped a few meaningless, toothless sanctions on the state sponsor of terrorism.

    • Remember Obama and his unspecified ‘red line’ on Mariupol? Although a useless, remote and indifferent president as far as Ukraine was concerned, that may quite possibly have succeeded in making putler defer (although not cancel) plans to seize Mariupol. At the very least, it needs Trump to make clear that the Mariupol line red line still stands and Kherson also will be a red line. In fact it should be made crystal clear that any further incursion will result in an unspecified but devastating response.
      Otherwise I fear the General may be proved right. He ought to be given a new job: heading up a powerful new military alliance consisting only of nations that will fight Russia. Poland, Pribaltika, Canada, US, UK, plus any others that will guarantee to fight the putlerstanis if and when needed: either by economic, military or stealth means.

      • All it would take is either Trump, Merkel or both, to say publicly take one more step into Ukrainian territory, and your world will fall around your ears. ie: removal from SWIFT, and devastating sanctions to go with it. Sadly, both are firmly stuck in Putin’s rear end, and it will be left to one of the Baltic leaders to come out with limited opposition to the terrorist.

      • Sorry, Scradge, but Mariupol had already been taken by the mobsters in 2014. It was a short occupation, though as Ukrainian forces retook the city soon afterward.

        • Yes. It was retaken by the Azov. Obama’s ‘Red line’ comment was long after that: in 2015 I think. I can’t find a record of the quote, but I specifically remember him saying it, so I hope you will accept my word. He said it at a time very like now, when putler was massing his forces near the border. There is no way of telling, then or now, whether it’s just a Psy Op or a real threat. I think the former, but you never know with a murderous fascist dictator like that who is always looking for ways to make himself look good. Unfortunately, plenty of Russian assholes absolutely love it when their tiny fuhrer starts murdering Ukrainians and Georgians.

  2. “If we do nothing to disrupt or limit their actions in Libya, we will get an additional million refugees from Libya to Europe.”
    And? Let it be Europe’s problem. We have enough on our hands with half of Central and South America wanting to enter our country. If the Europeans are too stupid to protect their borders and to counter mafia land with real gonads, that’s their own fault.

    “We call this phenomenon the “weapon of mass migration.” After all, it has a destabilizing effect on the EU, on the relations between European countries.”
    The main culprit in driving the immigration wedge between EU countries is, of course, Germanystan.

    • Europe’s problems are the world’s problem, as the last century proves. Another million hostiles will a) destabilise Europe and b) lead to the election of putlerite rulers like Le Pen and Wilders.

      • I would narrow it down to Germany and Russia being responsible for the world’s problems in the last century, and are starting again in the same vein.

        • Wrong. The US being ruled by fossils is the real problem. Ultra-liberals vs ultra-conservative machos. Both Putler-friendly. They can never modernize, in particular GOP, concerning abortion, women, animal rights, climate change etc. Trump and Biden are both for the ass!

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