Putin denies having cholera


Russian leader Vladimir Putin has ridiculed claims that he blocked a chemical toilet while staying in a static caravan during a recent UN summit because he has cholera.

“This is a western conspiracy aimed at discrediting our government,” he told reporters. “I do not have cholera. Also in my country we only have extremely modern flush toilet facilities, and I went before I got on the plane.”

US President Donald Trump countered these claims by producing what he described as “a dossier of evidence which proves that Mr Putin is lying.

“FAKE NEWS!” he tweeted. “I caught cholera myself during my last meeting with Vladimir Putin.”

“His disease could easily have made its way onto our streets, if there wasn’t a chemical toilet.”

As a result of this argument lots of people would likely die.

Maria Zakharova was not available for comment, she said she was too busy.

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  1. Nice one Mike, but I can tell this is fake news because there’s toilet roll in the picture.

  2. Maybe Trumpkov caught cholera due to his habit of using the tiny poisoner’s shit for toothpaste?

  3. If Putin had Cholera, he would have been in the hospital. Time is the only cure for Cholera and he would have to have an IV to replace the massive losses of fluid. It is unlikely he would be conscious during much of the treatment.

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