UN Security Council calls for global ceasefire during COVID-19 pandemic

The UN Security Council has approved a resolution calling for an immediate ceasefire in all armed conflicts (including in Donbas) and for humanitarian and medical assistance during the COVID-19 pandemic, spokesperson for the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the UN Oleg Nikolenko has said.

“One hundred days after the UN Secretary-General’s call for a global ceasefire during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Security Council finally approved the long-awaited resolution today,” the diplomat wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday, July 1.

The document, in particular, demands a “general and immediate cessation of hostilities” in all conflict situations and calls on all parties to armed conflicts to “engage immediately in a durable humanitarian pause for at least 90 consecutive days.”

According to the resolution, this should enable the safe, unhindered and sustained delivery of humanitarian assistance, provisions of related services by impartial humanitarian actors, in accordance with international law, including international humanitarian law and refugee law.

Ukraine has repeatedly expressed its support for the UN Secretary-General’s initiative and the international community’s efforts for a global ceasefire during the COVID-19 pandemic. At the same time, the Russian side tried to manipulate this initiative and stated that this first required the lifting of all international sanctions, including those imposed on Russia over its aggression in Donbas and the occupation of Crimea.

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  1. What a waste of time. Russia will break this ceasefire before the day is out. Then what, retribution, or limp statements of concern and both sides bla bla bla?

    • Time for, to borrow the term used by blm/antifa, the ‘defunding’ of the UN and the creation of a new bloc consisting of exclusively democratic countries. The shithole countries can form their own, exclusive shithole bloc.

      • Do you remember the attack on Gontareva in London after Kolomoisky got her fired? There was an investigation, but nothing has been heard of it since. I’m sure if the intelligence service in the UK can track two Russians with Novichok, they have some idea who was behind this attack on her. Seems this investigation was swept under the carpet, which is worrying to say the least.

        • It did not get much coverage. It seems possibly that it was ordered by Kolomoiskiy? She herself was not in much doubt. From the Guardian:
          ‘It is possible that when a car drove into Valeria Gontareva at a pedestrian crossing in Knightsbridge, central London, in late August it was merely an accident.
          But soon after, while Gontareva was recovering in hospital, her son’s car was set on fire back home in Kyiv. A few days after that, her family home in the Ukrainian capital was also burned down. For Gontareva there is no doubt that the attacks are part of a disturbing pattern.
          “It’s revenge,” she said, appearing for an interview in a wheelchair in the lobby of the luxury central London apartment block where she now lives.
          Gontareva made a number of powerful enemies during her reform-minded stint as the head of Ukraine’s central bank. However, she blames the attacks on one person: Ihor Kolomoiskiy, a controversial oligarch from whose control Gontareva wrested the country’s largest bank, PrivatBank. He denies responsibility and his supporters have said she is using the London incident as part of a PR campaign.’
          This is another quality person that Ukraine cannot afford to lose.
          ‘During her nearly three years in office, the National Bank headed by Valeria Gontareva has succeeded in stabilising the macroeconomic situation, fundamentally transforming the banking sector landscape and building a modern central bank despite war and political instability, deep economic crisis and empty government treasury.’
          The original source of this quote, the Ukrainian govt, has redacted it. It can still be seen on her wiki page.

          • I assume Knightsbridge has CCTV cameras every 5 metres, yet the investigation fell off the face of the earth. Wonder if it will be part of a broader investigation into Kolomoisky?

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