“Shit in the end.” Mass media published correspondence of people’s deputies from the Servant of the people on Smoliy’s resignation

The publication of Letters published the correspondence of people’s deputies from the Servants of the People, who discussed the resignation of the head of the National Bank, Yakov Smoly, and that, due to his departure, Ukraine canceled the placement of Eurobonds for $ 1.75 billion.

A photo of the correspondence in one of the chats was made by the correspondent of the publication.

“ Could Smoliy a day and wait. I didn’t give a damn about the end … ”, one of the people’s deputies allegedly wrote, commenting on the cancellation of a new issue of Eurobonds with redemption in March 2033 in the amount of $ 1.75 billion.

The People’s Deputy Galina Tretyakova expressed the opinion that the resignation of Smoly is “a political action of European solidarity”.

“ Smoly, still managed by [the ex-head of the NBU Valery] Gontareva. And the [IMF] is [Vladislav] Rashkovan, also proPetin. Therefore, the resignation of Smoly is a political action of EuroSolidarity. An attempt to rock relations with the IMF. The reason is Poroshenko, ”she wrote.

Yesterday, Yakov Smoly, who has been heading the NBU since March 2018, said that he had written and filed a letter of resignation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky . He said that for a long time the National Bank of Ukraine has been under systematic political pressure. “By my resignation, I want to warn against further attempts to undermine the institutional foundations of the central bank in Ukraine,” added Smoly.

The President’s Office responded by saying that the NBU, together with the government, should continue to pursue balanced monetary and fiscal policies. They also called for depriving the political color of discussions regarding the resignation of the head of the National Bank, Jacob Smoly. This morning Zelensky submitted to the Rada a draft resolution on the dismissal of Smoliy.

The IMF emphasized that the independence of the National Bank is at the center of the new IMF program and should be ensured by the successor of Smoly .

Due to the resignation of the head of the NBU, Ukraine canceled the placement of Eurobonds at $ 1.75 billion . In addition, the hryvnia exchange rate on the interbank foreign exchange market at the opening of trading decreased significantly .

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  1. What a load of BS, blaming Poroshenko who has no power in Ukraine whatsoever is a pretty lame excuse by the Russian lovers. This whore Tretyakova should be in prison right now for a statement she come out with last year.

    “Ukrainian trade unions have demanded the resignation of Member of Parliament Galina Tretyakova following a sickening speech in which she said that poor people should be sterilized to reduce the country’s welfare bill.”

    • Not sure that will happen either way. The Dems don’t have a history of supporting Ukraine, especially Obama.

        • Zelensky doesn’t realise that if the shit hits the fan, all his Russian friends will disappear over the border, leaving him to face the angry mob alone.

    • Some hope! Within 6 months, whatever hard left woman he chooses as VP will be running the show. She will be more interested in helping third world commies and muzloids than Ukraine.
      Americans of Ukrainian descent tend to be economically productive, self-sufficient and well-educated. Not many of them are liberals, so the Dems won’t be concerned about them and won’t give two fucks about Ukraine.
      As I mentioned before: whoever wins in November, Ukraine gets the shit end of the stick.

          • West is a great guy. I’ve been in favor of seccession eversince. The North is mainly controlled by the German enemy.

            • I first came across him from an unlikely source: rabid Ukraine-hater and close Trump advisor Michael Savage. Savage used to frequently praise the Col until he made a speech that was highly critical of the rodent and made it clear that he would not tolerate such imperialist behaviour if he was potus. After that Savage dropped him like a hot brick. Savage is the other half of the demonic Ukraine-hating duo of himself and Giuliani who are Trumpkov’s closest non-WH advisors. Probably closer in fact. That is why his mind is so poisoned against Ukraine.

    • Nah, bro, Ukraine has been through much worse. They will outlast the Moskali invasion virus. If the wisdom of the US wanes and Biden is elected he will most likely deal with Ukraine as he did after the Moskali invasion…..spread his corruption into Ukraine while she is weakened. It wasn’t just putting his loser son on a gas board but to rip off the people of Ukraine and raise prices for so many people that have very little.

  2. To remove Smoly is more than financial crime: it is a treason; now Ukraine must be saved from the current Lebanon scenario, from the default which the turncoat Kolomoysku and the vampire Medvedchuk are trying to drive it, implementing kremlin’s plans

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