In April 2020, LOZOVA MACHINERY opened a new modern production line for the production of sprayers.

The company believes that the guarantee of a good harvest is timely fertilizer of plants and the protection of fields from pests. For these purposes, LOZOVA MACHINERY offers a high-precision trailed sprayer – SPRAYMARC-3000. The unit was first presented at the LOZOVA MACHINERY anniversary field day in July 2019.

High efficiency and productivity, absolute build quality and ease of operation are just a few of the advantages of the SPRAYMARC-3000.

SPRAYMARC-3000 is a lightweight, compact and maneuverable unit weighing 2290 kg, a tank volume of 3000 l and a rod width of 24-28 m. Proper weight ranking helps the machine maintain balance and excellent stability both with a full and empty tank. And the use of a fully aluminum bar ensures its excellent stabilization during operation. In addition, the bar is insensitive to aggressive solutions.

During its two-year presence in Canada, LOZOVA MACHINERY has significantly expanded its dealer network in the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and Alberta. Farmers can easily recognize the brand, many of them have seen from their own experience the high quality of processing, productivity and ease of operation of LOZOVA MACHINERY units.
The true overseas breakthrough was made by the DUCAT short disc harrows. In Canada, they are particularly popular, so over the year, sales of these units have doubled.

The company plans to open new distribution offices in Canada, to increase supplies and assortment of exported equipment (in response to the numerous requests of Canadian farmers for tooth harrows, a line of cultivators and subsoilers).



  1. This is what is needed, there are so many Factories producing all sort of good quality goods, the price should be lower than those produced elsewhere, Ukraine should get going and selling.

    In the Village we go to often to see friends and my Wife’s Family used to be an enormous Factory making Fire Engines and other sorts of fire fighting equipment, it has closed and been closed for some years now, the Village slowly dying with it.

    The site is still there, awaiting something new to be produced.

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