Latvia Bans Russia’s RT ‘Propaganda’ Channels

Latvia on Tuesday banned a number of Russia’s RT television channels from being distributed in the Baltic state because of international sanctions against the head of the Russian state television network.

Latvia’s media watchdog, the National Electronic Media Council (NEPLP), notably banned RT’s main English-language broadcast service, its Spanish and Arabic counterparts, the RT Documentary channel, as well as the HD versions of the programs.

“These TV programs have been banned because they are controlled and managed by Dmitry Kiselev, who is under EU sanctions for repeated calls to violate Ukraine’s democracy and territorial integrity,” said NEPLP chairman Ivars Abolins.

“The ban will be permanent, unless Russia Today (the network’s previous name) fires Kiselov and replaces him with a chief who is not on the EU sanctions list,” he told AFP.

“Furthermore, RT is registered in Russia and since its inception in 2005 was an extension of the Kremlin’s information policy and propaganda.”

Abolins said the network had since been re-registered in Britain for broadcasts in the EU, and added that because of Brexit, “RT’s registration is no longer valid.”

The NEPLP had previously banned 10 other Russian television channels, including Rossiya RTR, for “systematic hate speech and warmongering against Ukraine, including open calls to kill Ukrainian citizens.”

The NEPLP said in a statement that the decision would be implemented this week.

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  1. Time for the rest of the NATO countries to do the same, and close down this filthy site. What I find disgraceful, this peddler of filth is still accessible in Ukraine. They banned access to Tass and Sputnik, yet the vilest of the lot has never been banned in Ukraine.

  2. Only little Latvia? Shameful. Trumputin sites in America frequently post RT videos as if they are credible news sources and commenters on Trump-friendly disqus sites use them and infowars as a matter of routine

    • It is shameful to think the Baltics are basically fighting the Russian propaganda machine alone. RT continues to peddle it’s filth in countries where it should have been banned years ago. The UK, US, Ukraine especially.

  3. Latvia has the largest russian population (by percentage) outside RuSSia. For the sake of stability this was necessary and overdue. Well done! 👍

    • I would say all countries need to ban this shit for the sake of stability. If Muscovy ban all foreign Media in retaliation, so what!

  4. “The ban will be permanent, unless Russia Today (the network’s previous name) fires Kiselov and replaces him with a chief who is not on the EU sanctions list,” he told AFP.

    All they will do is find some dumb fuck as a puppet. Ban the shit show permanently and completely, isolate it from the civilised World.

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