“A Missive from a Free Country” – A letter from ERG Chairman Mark Francois to Michel Barnier.

A letter from the chairman of the ERG (European Research Group), Mark Francois MP, to Michel Barnier, Head of the European Commission Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom.

It’s a masterclass in being firm, fair and polite, concerning Britain’s soon to be independence from the repellent Franco-German Russia lackey that the EU has become.


  1. Personally I would have been a lot more rude to the insufferable Barnier. But let’s see how this goes with those fucking pricks.
    Since 2014, the EU has become a greater, not lesser lackey of putlerstan. The frogs and krauts have revealed themselves for what they are : treacherous scum. Furthermore, no decent country would want to be associated with putlerite trash countries like Orbanistan, Austria, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria and others.
    Onwards and upwards!

    • The EU is for the ass. I said so years ago. Now they want scandinavian taxpayers to bail out these lazy bytches in Italy and Greece who flooded the continent with violent muslim retards and who threw the money out of the window while the mafia makes so much money that it already accounts for 50% of Italy’s total GDP.

      • I phrased that wrong. The profit of the mafia is equal to 50% of Italy’s GDP, not part of Italy’s official GDP.

  2. It’s a diplomatic way of saying, your laws do not apply to the UK once we leave, and keep your fishing trawlers out of our water, or we’ll blow them up.

    • Right on F1. I love this guy. Loathe Barnier and his scummy mates.
      I look forward to the return of professional fishing fleets to our seaside towns and reliving the days of my childhood, when you could walk to the harbour and buy freshly caught pollock, mackerel or various flatfish before they went off to a central distribution centre. You’d be frying them up only an hour or so after they were swimming around!

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