‘100% Bullsh*t’: Russia Blasts Reports of Taliban Bounties for Killed U.S. Troops

Russian officials have blasted a New York Times report on alleged Russian bounties offered to Taliban-linked militants in exchange for killing American troops in Afghanistan.

Since the story first broke Friday, several American and British media outlets have reported on the U.S. intelligence conclusion that Russia offered cash incentives for dead U.S. troops in Afghanistan. The reports cite anonymous senior officials as their sources.

The mushrooming scandal comes as U.S. President Donald Trump tries to withdraw troops from the conflict-torn country — one of the Taliban’s key demands — and end America’s longest war. Trump has denied being briefed on the matter, contradicting The New York Times’ report which says he was briefed in March.

Here’s how key Russian officials and diplomats have reacted to the story:

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov:

“Maybe I can sound a little rude, but this is 100% bullsh*t.”

“As far as I’m concerned, none of America’s representatives has ever raised this question against Russian representatives.”

Presidential envoy to Afghanistan Zamir Kabulov:

“Too much hype is being created around outright fake news. … I consider it disgraceful for us to spend too much time commenting on blatant lies.” 

“It’s clear that there are forces in the United States that don’t want to leave Afghanistan, who want to justify their own failure. That’s what it’s all about.”

Russian Embassy in the United States:

“Baseless and anonymous accusations of Moscow as mastermind behind [the] killing of U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan have already led to direct threats to the life of employees of the Russian Embassies in Washington D.C. and London.”

Russian Foreign Ministry:

“The simple attack clearly illustrates the low intellectual abilities of American intelligence propagandists who have to come up with this nonsense instead of inventing something more reliable.”

“What else can you expect from intelligence that failed the 20-year war in Afghanistan with a bang.”

“Speaking of well-known facts, it’s long been an open secret that members of the American intelligence community in Afghanistan are involved in drug trafficking… [They] don’t like the fact that our and their diplomats are jointly helping to launch peace talks between Kabul and the Taliban. Their feelings are clear, they don’t want to lose this source of income.”

Russian Embassy in the United Kingdom:

“All these attacks, which can’t be called otherwise, have the same signature: Our country is charged with certain actions with reference to anonymous sources. There are no arguments or concrete data, not the slightest bit of evidence. In other words, these are outright lies.”

(c) The Moscow Times


  1. Muscovy doing a hell of a lot of whining over this so called “fake” news. Here is another report from the BBC claiming Trump received the report in a written daily briefing earlier in the year.


    “White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany did not answer when asked by reporters whether the information had been included in the president’s written briefing, saying only that Mr Trump had not been “personally briefed”

    • It’s too bad that, once again, this is about getting Trump out of office instead of nailing the Moskali. Just like all the other faux scandals. Can’t they just once, concentrate on the actual substance of their ire?

      • The point is, is it fake or real? If it’s the Dems up to no good, then shame on them. If it’s real, then Trump has problems.

        • My own belief is it sounds just like something the Moskali would do. As I understand it, the US intelligence operations have conflicting information and that is why the president wasn’t briefed. Because its not verified. Certainly if you’re going to nuke Russia you should have reliable and verified info.
          Having said that, when the DNI prepares options in response to this, it tells me there is something going on and he was preparing to give Trump options. Since we’re dealing with the Taliban and Moskali here, the likelihood we get reliable info is highly unlikely.

          • I agree it’s right out of the Kremlin playbook. There is a bipartisan intelligence briefing today, let’s see what happens. If it is true, Trump has to fuck Russia good style. Totally destroy their economy by removing them from SWIFT, and go into Libya and remove Wagner that are not there.

          • My Twitter accound has been suspended for insulting that fake nigger Obama. Concerning the fact that NYT published that obvious fake news, i’m now willing to believe Trump. They want to destroy our country and black America is obviously aiding the enemy. I’m heartbroken. 😢

            • I don’t even think the majority of black Americans support Socialism and they recognize the fascist tactics being employed. After all, their Community will suffer more under Socialism.

              • It’s such a Schweinerei. A yankee who even was a member of the Democrat Party in a blue city and s blue state kills a criminal nigger and Dixie and Trump get the bill! I know you are from the North, so no insult intended. But seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the world. When will the bad guys finally meet some steel?!

    • They don’t brief the world’s boss about such things? Who for Dixie’s sake is supposed to believe this BS???

  2. Another bee hive has been released upon the public and the political landscape.
    The case is clear; if it’s a fake story, the NYT and anyone riding their bandwagon is discredited for life. If the story is true, then the Trumpet can kiss his second presidency good-bye and then some. And, mafia land will be in for a world of hurt.
    Knowing the sick mindset of the mafiosi and the Muslim terrorists makes this story sound very viable. Knowing the Trumpet’s love of the pedophile and his alleged subsequent inaction towards the despicable act is also a point that can’t be simply dismissed as fake. On the other hand, what has the NYT to gain from this story? Getting rid of a president that they dislike? If they did so just for that and not for the fact would be extremely foolish, for the consequences would be severe and cause an earthquake in their organization and for those responsible.
    Whatever the outcome might be, this is interesting as hell and a change from all the corona virus, angry negroids and their pathetic white socialist supporters.
    I just made some popcorn and the beer is cold and ready…

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