“Are we living our lives the right way?”: Zelensky addresses Ukrainians on Constitution Day

15:30, 28 June 2020 – UNIAN

In his speech, the president mentioned people who refuse to wear face masks on subway and truck drivers damaging roads by overloading their vehicles.

President Volodymyr Zelensky on Constitution Day annually marked in Ukraine on June 29 in a video address to the nation talked about the importance of the Constitution for every Ukrainian.

“Perhaps our constitution is a source of answers? Answers that we all need sometimes. Are we living our lives the right way? As a country, and as a society… Are we doing enough to carry the title of responsible citizens?” Zelensky appealed.

“We must learn to respect each other’s rights. Understand that your circle of rights cannot encroach on the rights of another person. Respect the law, not compete in ingenuity in finding ways to get around it. Let us remember this every time we ride the subway without a mask, turn up music at night, set fire to dry grass, log our own forests, or drive an overloaded truck,” the president emphasized.

UNIAN memo. The Verkhovna Rada adopted the country’s Basic Law, the Constitution, on June 28, 1996. Constitution Day of Ukraine is one of the main public holidays celebrated in the country. This is the only public holiday enshrined in the Constitution itself.


  • I think he left out a couple of points:
    Are we doing enough to support our country when we allow the invaders to buy up and control more than half the media? Are we doing enough when we allow oligarchs that have stolen billions and billions from Ukraine to return? Are we doing enough when we back off the contact line to appease the fascist invaders? Are we doing enough when we fly secretively to Oman to meet with a Putin advisor? Are we doing enough when we try to imprison a former president for political reasons?
    Does he really think Ukrainians are more worried about loud music at night?

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    • Well said Redders. I spoke to a young Ukrainian not too long ago (pre-chicom bat virus). She said that she and her friends believe that the biggest problem is that America is trying to control Ukraine. They can only get that from watching Medvedchuk-controlled TV or putlerstan TV, which can still be viewed (on line?) in Ukraine. She also said that she and her parents believed that Poro had stolen money off Ukraine.
      They really need to start rounding up the Medvedchuk fifth columnists.

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      • Some people just get their news from the same familiar sources and are just plain stubborn to consider other factors and apply critical thinking. They are led by a destructive dogma that keeps their world very small and myopic.
        If America is trying to control Ukraine, what the hell is Moskovia doing?! During my many trips to Ukraine I have seen more American flag apparel worn in Ukraine than the USA.

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