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  1. Sometimes I think Bonner hates Trump more than Putin and that says a lot about his patriotism and ideology as a journalist. Gosh, what did he write about before Trump was elected? Makes you wonder. Did anyone tell him that Putin took the Crimea almost 3 YEARS before Trump was elected in an electoral landslide? Why does he continue to insult the majority of Americans and what makes him think insulting Americans is good for Ukraine?!!!

    • He’s undoubtedly a Dem, but he is quite justified personally to hate Trump since 2016 because that was when Trump endorsed the theft of Crimea and continued on his pro-putler track that has been very consistent right up to now.
      However, Bonner has a unique responsibility to Ukraine and should focus his efforts on exposing the evil of the fascist occupier and the catastrophic drift of the Zel regime towards the East. It is a terrible idea to upset Trump at a time like this when the tiny poisoner still holds all the cards.
      I noticed the new appeal for cash from Euromaidan Press has changed its wording as follows:
      ‘Dear readers! We need your help. COVID-19 has hit independent media outlets hard, but even more so in Ukraine, where most outlets are controlled by oligarchs. To make matters worse, several English-language media sources from Ukraine have closed recently. And even worse, this comes at a time of troubling government tendencies and amid a pro-Russian resurgence in Ukraine. Help keep us online and reporting on the most important of Ukrainian issues for you in these troubling times, bringing the voices of civic society to the forefront of the information war. Our articles are free for everyone to use but we depend on our readers to keep going. We are a small independent journalist team on a shoestring budget and have no political or state affiliation. If you like what you see, please support us with a donation!’
      I found the following words very disturbing because they are a stark reminder of what is going on : ‘this comes at a time of troubling government tendencies and amid a pro-Russian resurgence in Ukraine’.
      Very sad indeed. EP is one of the best locally produced information channels; its quality control is incredibly consistent. Here is a delightful (non political) piece from last year about castles :

    • Yes he fucking did. You only have to google the notorious 2016 interview with George Stephanopoulos.

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