Saakashvili states on superiority of reforms in Russia

As he said during a video conference, the Russian Federation went “far, far ahead of Ukraine” in the matter of deregulating the economy and the effectiveness of the fiscal system17:17, 27 June 2020The current chairman of the executive committee of Ukraine’s National Reform Council112 AgencyThe head of the Executive Committee for Reforms in Ukraine Mikheil Saakashvili believes that Russia is better than Ukraine in the field of economic reforms. It is reported by Obozrevatel.

 As he said during a video conference, the Russian Federation went “far, far ahead of Ukraine” in the matter of deregulating the economy and the effectiveness of the fiscal system.

According to Saakashvili, the Russian authorities are listening to business much more actively than in Ukraine, which authorities are “all talking.”

“There are many things in Russia (which we are trying to fix in Ukraine) that are being solved there much faster and more successfully than here. The bureaucracy is decreasing there, the tax system is improving. And Russia is defeating us at the front where it cannot win at all because Ukraine is a democracy, because in Ukraine there is a freedom-loving society, because in Ukraine there is much greater potential, “he said. 

At the same time, the politician added that in Ukraine there is a bureaucracy, which is no less an enemy than an external enemy.

“At one time, little Georgia was so ahead of Russia in reform that even Medvedev and other leaders were forced to admit it publicly and even copied some reforms, it was a well-known fact. Naturally, we could not defeat Russia on the military front, but inflicted a crushing defeat on the reform front. Unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine is different, and I really don’t like it,” Saakashvili emphasized.

(C)112UA 2020


  • ANOTHER PUTLER LOVER………….!!!! The Russian economy is 75% state-owned…………………..the rest under control with special ‘payment’…………..the famous 10% for Putin. You call this reforms, Sacha, on the booze again?

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  • onlyfactsplease

    Well, the guy is right. Unfortunately, Ukraine is ranked much lower than mafia land in two categories.

    Economic Freedom Index 2020:
    Ukraine – a dismal 134th place
    Mafia land – 94

    Business freedom – Country rankings 2020
    Ukraine – another dismal 105
    Mafia land – 28

    Although Ukraine must do something in this regard, curbing corruption should have top priority.

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  • No comment from Scradje???

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    • He hasn’t ‘gone putler’ despite the odd phraseology (translation issue?). I still consider him to be the greatest of the post soviet politicians to emerge. He achieved incredible things in Georgia and the putinazi scum have only been able to reverse some of them.
      Something went wrong in Odessa; we don’t know what. Now he has another chance to achieve something, so I’ll wait and see what happens.

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  • It hurts but according to the Ease of Doing Business Index he is right.
    This should be a wake up call to Ukraine but id doubt it.
    At the current rate of decline Ukraine will be back to the most corrupt country in Europe this year. I doubt the political freedom Index or the press freedom indexes will be improving this year either.
    The Party of Regions hybrid counter revolution is in full swing now.
    And the Ukrainian people are not saying boo about it.
    What can you say?
    Some sheep like being sheared.

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