The media attributed the gratitude to Medvedchuk to the resident of Spain, released from the “DPR”: she denied

TV channels from the orbit of the deputy of the People’s Deputy from the HMPR, Viktor Medvedchuk, spread the news that the Ukrainian Yevgeny Yepes thanked the pro-Russian politician for freeing the “ DPR” terrorists from captivity . It turned out to be a manipulation.

In an article by the Spanish newspaper El Pais, cited by pro-Medvedchuk media, there is no hint of thanks to Medvedchuk.

“You can read the article. Even if a person does not know Spanish, he can translate it. I did not thank and I am not going to thank Viktor Medvedchuk. It would turn out that I would thank [Russian President Vladimir] Putin, thanking Medvedchuk. In El Pais, of course, there was no gratitude from me, ”said Eugene Yepes in a comment to Donbass News.

The wife of a Spanish citizen who has a residence permit in Spain added that neither Putin’s godfather nor representatives of his party Opposition platform – For Life, nor the television channels associated with it, contacted her after her release.

Yepes expressed confidence that her release was made possible thanks to the efforts of her husband, who ” absolutely pro-Ukrainian and pro-European views and does not support this pro-Russian position.”

Evgenia Yepes was detained by the “ MGB DPR” on June 3 for removing the flags of Russia and the “DPR” from the balcony of her apartment in occupied Donetsk, which they hung up without her permission. The woman was imprisoned until June 20. After that, the invaders “deported” her to the territory controlled by Ukraine.

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  1. Media that should be banned in Ukraine, claiming that a Ukrainian patriot thanked Russian trash for getting her released. You couldn’t make it up. I hope she shit on the Muscovy flag before throwing it onto the street.

    • Once again we have the Moskali creating a problem then riding in to solve it. You’re right, F1, the invader media should be banned at least during a time of war and occupation. Its a national security interest. In the interim I would suggest all Moskali media be put on a 24-hour time delay so Ukraine can screen for accuracy and get national security clearance. Boy wouldn’t that send the ruSSo-fascists into orbit?!

      • Not sure about a delay. I prefer them to be closed down permanently. If they whine about freedom of speech, just tell them there is no freedom of speech during wartime.

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