I’m politically lost

I am anti-Islam, anti-Jewry, anti EU, anti-Putin, but almost a socialist. I recognize climate change, i support feminists (otherwise Suzanna’s ghost will torture me 😂), i am opposed to racism and inequality. Is there any party that meets my demands? NO. So why vote?


    • Nothing that an extended trip to Dixie can’t fix. 😉
      The people I’ve met from Dixie are no-nonsense, polite, hard-working, church-going and really believe in limited government. Not at all socialist that’s for sure. You’re open-minded too, Mike, and a good listener. As long as you remember where you’ve been, you’ll know where you’re going.

    • Mike, I believe that many people are like you (and me). Ask a hundred people what they want in politics – I mean every aspect, like social issues, left, right, or middle spectrum, education, economics, foreign policies, and so forth – and you will get one hundred different answers. Only simple-minded people can be satisfied by the mostly bad politics found across the planet.

    • And then what? CNN will slaughter me? Putin will poison me? ISIS or the jews will shoot me? Come on. Not to mention the fact that COVID-19 may cause permanent DNA damage concerning reproduction. I think we lost. But there’s still alcohol… 😇

  1. You don’t live in Muscovy, so not voting won’t result in a trip to the gulag. I can’t think of too many leaders in the world I would vote for. The last one was probably Dalia Grybauskaitė, the rest are not worth a shit.

        • I will say Biden has a terrible foreign policy record. To begin with he tried to talk Obama out of going after bin Laden. He supported Iran and giving them billions and even said they would never be a nuclear threat. Then in Syria he said the uprising against Assad would never amount to much and was just a regional conflict. Then he was so clueless he sent his son to be on a gas board in Ukraine after Russia invaded.

      • In 2024 I certainly would back Rubio, for the reasons previously explained. I might also look favourably on people like Allen West, Candace Owens, Lyndsey Graham and your man Ted.
        Btw Mike: drop the anti-semitism. It is as toxic as hating Ukrainians.

        • Don’t care. They think since the holocaust they will be spared from any justified criticism. But they won’t.

          • Jew haters are always putlerites, so you’re hanging with the wrong crowd. It’s illogical to hate Jews as a race any more than any other race. They are just people. Reserve your hatred for those who specifically deserve it because they committed savage crimes.

  2. I’m also politically lost, mike. We live in a political wasteland and in political dark ages. There are no parties and even fewer politicians who deserve my (our?) vote.

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