Poroshenko Asked U.S. To Endorse His Reelection Campaign, Sanction Kolomoiskyi In 2018 – Ex-U.S. National Security Adviser Bolton’s Memoirs


Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko asked the United States to endorse his reelection campaign and impose sanctions on businessman Ihor Kolomoiskyi in August 2018.

John Bolton, who was the United States’ national security advisor from 2018 to 2019, made this claim in his memoirs, the Ukrainian News Agency reports.

Bolton writes in the memoirs that his first major encounter with Ukraine in the Trump Administration came in 2018 when he flew to Kyiv to celebrate the August 24 anniversary of Ukraine’s 1991 declaration of independence from the Soviet Union.

According to him, he discussed Ukraine’s security posture, particularly vis-à-vis Russia and the various threats it posed, not just militarily, but also Moscow’s efforts to subvert Ukraine’s 2019 elections, with senior Ukrainian officials.

“Poroshenko wanted to buy more U.S. weapons, and we elaborated our worries about Ukrainian companies’ selling advanced airplane engine designs to China, concerns that only grew more acute over the year before my next visit to Kyiv,” Bolton writes.

Then Poroshenko had a private conversation with Bolton.

“After the meeting, Poroshenko took me to another room for a one-on-one, where he asked the U.S. to endorse his reelection campaign,” Bolton writes.

Bolton added that he rejected this request.

Bolton also claims that Poroshenko’s main interest was in imposition of U.S. sanctions on Igor Kolomoiskyi.

“What Poroshenko really wanted was for America to sanction Igor Kolomoiskyi, a Ukrainian oligarch backing Yulia Tymoshenko, who was, at least at this point, Poroshenko’s main competition in the 2019 elections,” he writes.

According to Bolton, he told Poroshenko that if he had evidence on Kolomoiskyi, he should send it to the U.S. Justice Department.

As Ukrainian News Agency earlier reported, Poroshenko lost to Volodymyr Zelenskyy by a large margin in the second round of the Ukrainian presidential elections in April 2019.

Throughout the memoirs, Bolton claims that Trump was angry with Ukraine because the country’s leading politicians favored Hillary Clinton and believed that they created many problems for him.

According to him, Trump expressed his discontent by using obscene language against Ukraine.

In addition, according to Bolton, Trump was upset that the Ukrainian issue as a whole and particularly the capture of Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait by Russia in the fall of 2018 prevented him from reaching an agreement with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.

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  • “Trump was upset that the Ukrainian issue as a whole and particularly the capture of Ukrainian warships in the Kerch Strait by Russia in the fall of 2018 prevented him from reaching an agreement with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin.”

    Poroshenko upset the apple-cart by allowing Ukrainian ships to sail in Ukrainian waters.

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    • Bolton is a liar. I don’t believe a single letter or comma of what he wrote.

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      • If it can be proved he’s lying, then I guess he’ll be making a few court appearances in the future. Then again you have Trump saying the book is full of lies on one hand, but full of state secrets on the other hand. You can’t have it both ways. Unless the state secrets are lies to begin with. LMAO

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      • Why? By that logic, you imply that a pro-Ukraine diplomat is a liar and a pro-Russia politician: Trumpkov, is truthful. Another pro-Ukraine diplomat: Kurt Volker: has already reported very similar anti-Ukraine hate language coming from Trump’s mouth. Is he a liar too? Was Trump telling the truth when he promoted Giuliani’s lie that it was in fact Ukraine, not Russia, that interfered in 2016? It was Trump that surrounded himself with kremlin shills in 2016, not Bolton. And it is Trump even now, whose closest friends Giuliani and Savage are implacable enemies of Ukraine. Was it just a coincidence that Trump repeatedly told hateful lies about John McCain and Marco Rubio, who both happen to be pro-Ukraine? Did you believe Trump when he claimed that the father of Ted Cruz was behind the assassination of JFK? Cruz has made pro-Ukraine comments too.

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