The Enterprise is under attack

A common trope in the original Star Trek series was an alien entity penetrating the starship enterprise and subtly interfering operationally with the smooth running of the ship. Initially causing the crew to be at loggerheads, but slowly escalating until they are at each other’s throats. Unless the crisis is dealt with decisively, a disaster awaits.

Usually the captain, aided by the superior intellect of his science officer Mr Spock, finds a way to overcome the alien by identifying its weaknesses, exploiting them and eventually turning the tables on the enemy.

Extending the allegory further, a key opponent are the Klingons, a warlike, aggressive, duplicitous mongoloid-like race.

Just like the entertainment industry today, the producers of Star Trek were leftists, but they did not like Russia and later admitted that the inspiration for the Klingons was indeed the Russians.

To reflect the glasnost era, the Klingons in later series were rehabilitated and became trustworthy allies. Unfortunately the modern day Klingons: the putlerstanis; have regressed to their old savagery.

We are witnessing today the results of active measures being taken against America by the putlerstanis : polarisation, extremism and anarchy.

Where is the modern day Captain Kirk and his trusty sidekick when we need them?

Echo answers where……


    • Great article written by a Ukrainian who knows his stuff.
      Worth noting also that a Dem victory is not going to help Ukraine either. Trumpkov is pro-putler and Biden is useless. We know the latter because responsibility for responding to the 2014 invasions was delegated by the uninterested Obama to Biden, who of course did fuck all of any use.
      This despite the fact that Biden must be very well informed about Ukraine and its evil tormentor, because he had a 30 year friendship with John McCain; even referring you him as a ‘brother’.

      • I was watching the stop fake video earlier, and to see WaPo still refer to the war in Ukraine as a civil war, is disgusting. Looks like the media on all sides in the US hate Ukraine.

        • Yes it is terrible. The Wapo is pretty much the best of a very bad lot.
          There is the Atlantic Council of course, but it is very small. Then there is CEPA, with the great Brian Whitmore in Washington and Edward Lucas in London. But again very small.
          Leftists have the crypto-Marxist shit of CNN and trumpoids have the stinking putlerite shit of Fox.

        • Across the board, international news in the US is embarrassing. Generally, we got better leaving the pronoun, THE, off Ukraine but still spell Kyiv Moskali style. Still, 6 years on, the forced association of Russians and Ukrainians continues.
          I’ve often attributed it to just plain lazy journalism or copy-and-paste journalism. Usually they just grab what ever they can find and print it. Usually, in the case of Moskovia, that ends up with Kremlin-run media such as the propaganda orifices of RT, Sputnik or TASS. Just lazy. Which was the motivating factor to begin Ukraine Today, just to get facts out in English.

          • At least the US media run articles about the US the majority of the time. Unlike RT which never has any articles about Russia.

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